Without a doubt, the herringbone tile pattern will grow strongly in the coming years. Herringbone tile floor is suitable for apartments with large areas, neoclassical style. Typically when a herringbone tile pattern is well designed, your apartment will have an elegant beauty mixed with modern interior designs as well as a sense of personality. It also helps homeowners get a really impressive and innovative living space, getting rid of the monotony of ordinary tile floors or wall tile in thousands of apartments.

Unlike many years ago, when this type of herringbone pattern just existed in natural flooring materials. Nowadays, there is a wide range of tile materials for this herringbone trend so you can choose freely and break the traditional way, creating a creative beauty for your space by using ideas from the herringbone tiles.

It’s time to refresh your house with some creative, solid, and trendy floor tiles! Particularly in bathrooms, kitchens, and other water-prone areas. So what features do herringbone floors possess? Details about this type of flooring will be shared right in the article below

herringbone tile floor

Herringbone Tile Pattern

Herringbone tile floor, also known as herringbone tile, is a type of floor made from herringbone diagonal tile, or staggered pattern, creating a floor layout similar to a herringbone shape. This type of installing tile is not new, but so far it has become a trend that many people love to apply in their homes.

herringbone tile pattern

In many ways, herringbone flooring is getting the attention of homeowners and appearing in the architectural designs of many designers. Herringbone pattern helps dispel the monotony and boring look compared to conventional flooring, bringing a lively and attractive beauty to the space.

Why You Should Use Herringbone Tile Pattern?

Similar to many other patterns of flooring, herringbone tile floor also has certain advantages and disadvantages. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages will help homeowners assess the suitability of this type of floor for their own demands. Here are the specific advantages and disadvantages of this type of floor:

Advantages of Herringbone Tile Pattern:

Bringing a new feeling:

Compared to the usual flooring style, this herringbone tile will bring a different and unique beauty to your house. Making the space different from the monotonous, boring look of ordinary tile. Generating a luxurious view right at the moment you enter the house.

luxurious view of herringbone tile

Making the surface more solid:

With a herringbone-shaped tile set, the floor surface will be more solid. This will limit the impact of external factors on the quality of the construction. Moreover, this flooring structure is also effective in preventing termite attacks.

Creating an outstanding design for your house:

If you apply the traditional way of flooring, it is likely that your house will be similar to many other houses. This is the worst possible situation for individuals who value diversity. With herringbone pattern, you can have a special tile design, highlighting your living space compared to others.

remarkable design for the house

Excellent resistance to water, scratches, and stains:

Water damage, scratches, or stains are the three main things that degrade the beauty of your walls the most. Installing herringbone wall tiles can be a great way to protect your wall against external influences over time.

protect the wall from water, scratches and stains

Disadvantages of Herringbone Tile Pattern:

The herringbone pattern installation takes a lot of time and needs to be meticulous in all steps and requires highly qualified workers.

Tiles Colors Palette

Don’t worry that herringbone design is just sticking with the natural color of wood, you can have herringbone tiles in various trendy colors:

Black: Bringing a luxurious and seductive look, dark black tiles are perfect for high-end interiors, which is one of the top choices in luxurious bathrooms or modern kitchens.

black herringbone tile

Brown: Since these wood effect tiles are made to resemble actual wood, it should come as no surprise that they come in a variety of tones of brown, which is satisfied every preference and decor type, from rich, dark tones seen in traditional homes to light, pastel beige colors prevalent in classic houses.

brown herringbone tile

Cream: To keep living spaces looking light as well as bring a sense of elegance, creamy wood floor tiles can meet your demands.

cream herringbone tile

Grey: Whether you choose a minimalist or ultra-modern design, grey wood-look tiles will be a perfect choice, from light shades to dark, brooding tones, providing a gorgeous and elegant finish.

grey herringbone tile

White: Made to resemble painted floorboards, white wood effect tiles can help you achieve the shabby chic or beach house appearance and will offer you a nice and clean color scheme.

Multicolored: There are also wood effect tile patterns that combine several hues, such as vivid blue, yellow, and red, to provide a dynamic and layered pattern.

multicolored herringbone tile

4 Inspiring Herringbone Tile for Wall and Floor Ideas

1. Herringbone Hallways

In hallways and entryways of homes, herringbone tile floor movement will create a welcoming atmosphere. The size of the design used depends on how big the entryway area is. A narrow corridor with a herringbone floor gives the appearance that the space is much larger. Herringbone pattern floor could be matched with straight planks or a stone floor in larger, rectangular entry halls for a calm and contrasting effect.

herringbone tile in hallway

2. Double Herringbone

Single tiles or planks are used to build traditional herringbone floors. You can also renew the usual type of herringbone into a double herringbone pattern when the tiles are paired up, which has a more stunning visual effect. For a striking two-tone look, get more creative by combining different colors, grains, finishes, or species. The herringbone pattern is bigger and looks more stunning when installed with two or three planks.

3. Timber Look Herringbone Tile Flooring for Bathrooms and Wet Areas

Traditional wooden or engineered wood flooring applications in wet areas can be replaced with wood appearance ceramic tiles arranged in a herringbone pattern since they are both aesthetically attractive and functional. Water areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms put wood-based furnishings at their own risk of warping and mold growth. Stone or ceramic tiles with a timber look offer the same classic design result without the bother of humidity-related issues.

timber floor for bathroom

4. Featuring Walls with Herringbone Patterns

Bathroom wall tiles

How to design a bathroom to create a glamorous, sophisticated but really disruptive beauty? Herringbone pattern is one of the bold choices. Instead of tiles and stones in the usual way, you can use tiles of different colors and herringbone tiles.

bathroom wall tiles

Kitchen Wall Tiles

The kitchen walls do not use glass or stone in the way you often see, but it will be more appealing, anyone who walks in will be immediately attracted to the herringbone-shaped wall tile. These diy projects are worth for you to try. To improve the beauty of your kitchen, you can use all of your imagination when selecting colors.

Bedroom Wall Tiles

Using the wooden planks connected together will create a cozy and pleasant atmosphere for your bedroom. You can also combine multi-colored wooden planks to cover in herringbone style to create a Vintage Living Space.

bedroom wall tiles

Some Notices When Installing Herringbone Tiles

It’s important to choose the starting point and lay the first tile on the surface, as well as make sure the grout lines will be firmly attached regardless of any materials. You should choose the installing workers who are skillful and meticulous to cut tile in the proper shape in order to make sure that it fits every corner. Every grout line should be checked carefully when lay tile as well as when the installation of full tiles are finished. All in all, to avoid any mistakes and achieve a perfect herringbone tile floor, you should have thoroughly researched to find out a professional and dedicated contractor.

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