Remodeling a whole home is a serious project that requires as much effort as possible from experienced contractors. If your home’s style does not fit your fixtures, or its functionalities are outdated, we suggest a whole home remodeling service to transform your home into the ideal one. This project can include other rooms such as living room, kitchen, bathroom, garage, or outdoor living spaces, etc.

TTH Builder always satisfies our customers with full services to meet their expectations and assist them in maintaining their whole house landscape. TTH Builder provides all you need in Federal Way, WA.

Problem of Whole Home Remodel

If you have another home to live in while yours is being rebuilt, we can renovate your entire home in one process.

If you do not own another home, we suggest changing your entire home in stages so that your life is not disturbed while your home is being rebuilt. The cost of complete home remodeling will be high; you should spend at least $100,000, depending on the size of your home and which rooms you want to remodel.

Cost of Remodeling a Whole Home

Although it’s hard to measure an exact cost to remodel a whole home since it depends on a bunch of factors. You will need a remodeling company to estimate the size dimension of your house, which materials would be used, and which style would be perfect for each room. The larger your house is, the more it costs to renovate.

You can imagine that a kitchen remodel can charge a higher price than a home office because it’s related to plumb installation or layout of utilities. That’s why you must have professionals help you understand thoroughly all the costs associated with whole home remodeling.

TTH Builder with high-qualified crews from designers to managers, bring you the most satisfactory result in remodeling your home. With over 20 years of experience, we finish every project with our client’s needs with the most reasonable budget.

Why Choose TTH Builder for Your Whole Home Remodel?

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