Flooring refinishing is the best choice when your wood floors have to bear some physical damage. If your wood floors are in the conditions such as stains, worn-out, scratches on the surface, dents, etc., TTH Builder can help you refinish the floor like new without charging you too much money for the replacement.

Solid Hardwood Floor Refinishing

You can finish remodeling your floor on solid or parquet which has the characteristic of water-insulated materials. Renew your old and damaged wood floors and turn them into the very first attraction to guests when visiting your living areas. Hardwood floor refinishing is now worked with finished which are no odor and dry fasters, such as water or oil-based finishes.

By hardwood floor sanding, you can easily remove the layout affected by scratches or damage on the surface of the floor. Sanding that layer can open a new surface of the floor so that it can be painted with another color. However, every time we do hardwood floor refinishing, it requires us to remove the floor layer of about 0.5 – 1.5 mm. Many times will lead to the disappearance of your wood floor, so it limits the number of sanding depending on the wood floor measurements.

Sandless Wood Floor Refinishing

Sandless Hardwood refinishing has medium intensive compared to the solid approach. In sandless refinishing, you can complete the project by slightly scuffing with a sandless machine and applying etching chemicals. Then, you can apply a new stained layer to finish the top layer.

Sandless floor refinishing could be considered the fastest way to remodel the floor with sanding and save much more money. This method doesn’t take off many layers of hardwood like solid refinishing. However, it still leaves a small amount of dust found in your home after the renovation.

You can consider your wants before calling TTH Builder for more consultation about remodeling wood floor.

Cleaning and Recoat Floor

Along with wood floor recoating, you will not worry about the result of the floor when compared to traditional refinishing approaches. In this way, you will get the same gloss floor as sanding without any loss of wood on the surface. And of course, this method doesn’t contain any dust at all!

However, recoating the floor can lead to wood floor weakness since it removes all dust as well as oil and other contaminants. Also, this method doesn’t work well with physical damage as other approaches. If you use hardwood recoating frequently, it might cost abundant repairs in the future. Many homeowners prefer floor recoating and cleaning once in a few years not to exceed the limit of wood required.

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