The bathroom should be considered as the engine of the home. This is a place where you can disconnect from the world for a while, take a long bath and shower to recharge your battery after the nerve-racking time of working and studying. Therefore, the bathroom should be organized and stunning as well. When coming to TTH Builder, you will get the best service throughout the progress. We would provide you with cost-effective solutions for improving the appearance of your bathroom. You will work with our best contractor and professional designer for bathroom reconstruction. We are up to the task and committed to your happiness, regardless of the size or condition of your bathroom.

Having a modern bathroom – Having a convenient lifestyle

As being the engine of your house, it will have a significant impact on other functions of the household. When an engine does not perform well, other sections will also become a vital problem. Since you use your bathroom on a daily basis, it is the best time to explore improvements if your present space does not meet your functional or aesthetic demands.

A state-of-the-art bathroom enables you to access a spa service experience. Apart from that, modern fixtures give you comfort and definitely satisfy your guests and your beloved ones. So, the bathroom should be designed to be an appealing place with all the facilities, including soaking tubs, showers, tiles, faucets, cabinets,…

Cost for Bathroom Remodeling

Perhaps you may worry about this bathroom improvement revenue will cost you a fortune. Just relax, customer satisfaction is the top priority at TTH Builder. We guarantee that we will provide a general insight of the cost and tackle it properly before going to any physical work so that there will be no more unwanted extra fees.

The biggest factors of bathroom remodeling costs are updating outdated fixtures, improving the plumbing, and creating more comfortable spaces for the room. There might be a significant difference between the price of constructing a master bathroom and that of a hall bathroom. If homeowners remodel a bathroom in the right way, it will save you about 50% of the cost which you have invested into the project. And if you need a dedicated staff to complete the project, go no farther than TTH Builder.

TTH Builder for Your Bathroom Remodeling Needs

With a team of construction professionals that works closely together with architects, engineers, and interior designers to create innovative spaces, TTH Builder is passionate about providing you with a stunning bathroom where you feel like you are living in a little oasis of your own and take all your troubles away. If you have a bathroom that is outdated and even in the case of just wanting to change things up, please contact us. We work with you to choose:

Design of Bathroom Remodeling

The most important thing that makes TTH Builder different from other remodeling companies is that we will make a thorough plan for your renovation. Our staff will work directly with you every step from designing work to physical one to make the bathroom remodeling process as simple as possible for you while still keeping the bathroom makeover on time and within budget. And which price you look for at the beginning will be what you pay at the end!

There are several existing design options related to cabinets, towels, mirrors, storage, bathtubs, and fixtures… available on the market that you will not even know which one is best suited for yours. But don’t be overwhelmed! TTH Builder is here to satisfy your needs and give you a hand!

TTH Builder provide…



Have you come up with your own dream house in mind? Let us finish the renovation as perfectly as you want to turn it into reality. But if not yet, don’t worry! We are here to explore your needs for a design through a specialized consultation process. Click here to schedule a consultation now – just sit back and enjoy your own precious moment!

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