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Since different parts of your exterior house are exposed to the sunlight for various time periods, you’re likely to notice paint fading whenever a spot looks different from a surrounding area, which can cause an unappealing look for your house.

what exterior paint color fades the least

Even if your home’s design and structure are sound, paint fading might make your house look unaesthetic. Additionally, it’s crucial to keep in mind that if your paint doesn’t seem brand new, it probably isn’t working as well as it did when it was first done. This indicates that over time, fading paint makes your surfaces more vulnerable.

If you know how to choose upper-level exterior paint, the paint will last longer. However, not everyone knows how to paint appropriately so that the paint color will maintain its beautiful and durable finish over time. Today, TTH Builder will share with you, what exterior paint color fades the least. And if you are looking for a professional exterior painting unit, quickly and at a reasonable price, contact us immediately.

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Why Does Exterior Paint Fade?

Whereas interior paint fades slightly after interior painting, exterior paints are more susceptible to color fading due to frequent exposure to UV light and other elements that impact the quality and richness of the pigment.

Weather Conditions and UV Light

Extreme weather, excessive temperature, and direct sunlight in combination with low-quality paint all contributed to fade-resistant results. Among them, UV rays are the most vital factor in this fading process, this harmful rays almost destroyed everything they encounter. They burn the vegetation, which causes it to lose color and turn brown.

exterior walls exposed to uv light

Sun-exposed exterior walls have the potential to fade more quickly than anticipated. The sun’s intense ultraviolet (UV) light releases have a significant impact on paint pigments, making them susceptible to a number of painting issues. Generally, painted or colored pigments are used in man-made artifacts. UV damages the paint’s chemical bonds of their color.

Selecting the Wrong Type of Paint

Many paints are just appropriate for specific types of surfaces. Depending on their features, exterior paints, which can resist UV light, are suitable for specific areas of the house. So, your painting contractor should suggest which paint is best for your external surfaces.

When the unsuitable kind of paint was utilized to cover your walls, it can cause paint to fade too quickly. Remember that several elements can decide the proper type of paint you ought to use on the walls of your house.

selecting wrong type of paint

Making the appropriate material choices will aid in avoiding fading. The best fade-resistant paints have high-quality pigments and enough adhesive to bind the ink to the other components and create long-lasting paint. The answer for how many coats of exterior paint are needed is here.

Improper Surface Preparation

You can’t just pick up a brush or roller, dunk it in paint, and start painting the walls. You should clean the surfaces of the walls first. To begin with, when a painting contractor is about to paint your home, they should prepare the surfaces by removing all dust, dirt, mildew, and cracked paint.

impropre surface preparation

The ability of the paint to adhere or remain to the surfaces will be considerably reduced if the wall surfaces are in those conditions. It’s crucial to follow the correct technique by cleaning and preparing the surfaces that will be painted, whether you choose to do it yourself or hire a contractor.

Additionally, to protect the surface from damage, primer paint can ensure greater paint adhesion to the surface. Prior to painting the walls, make sure that you’ve prepared the surface. To keep the color vibrant, apply two coats of paint, letting the first coat completely dry before adding the second.

Picking the Incorrect Color Choice

We want to assist you in choosing the ideal color for your new paint job so that it won’t let you down in the long term. So, what exterior paint color fades the least?

incorrect color choice

It is well known that colors with more pigment are more vulnerable to fading. Specifically, tones like red, orange, and yellow. Green and blue tones run down the center. Earthy colors like brown, gold, and white, on the other hand, are the greatest at preserving their color.

But don’t worry if you were into yellow or red and this came as a shock to you. You still have a great chance of having stunning yellow or red walls. Finding yellow or red iron oxide will serve the purpose because these colors are highly UV-resistant and won’t fade.

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How To Prevent Exterior Paint From Fading?

There is probably no way to totally stop these chemical reactions from fading exterior paint over time because you definitely don’t live in a vacuum or a protected shell. You can take steps to delay the process, though.

To prevent the effects of sunlight and UV rays on paint pigment, homeowners can choose exterior paints with a reflecting coating.

Choose Chemical Substances: Organic material is frequently preferable, but it is not an ideal choice if you want non-fading exterior paints to last the longest possible. Organic color pigments are less UV-resistant than their manufactured chemical counterparts.

What Exterior Paint Colors Fade in the Sun?

Which Color Fades the Fastest?

Compared to lighter shades, dark colors absorb heat and have more humidity issues. Lighter hues have high durability and fade less than dark colors. Additionally, dark colors are more complicated to touch up since they fade more quickly.

color fades fastest

Red exterior paints tend to be the color that fades the fastest in most situations. Red is the longest visible wavelength, whereas shorter wavelengths like blue or violet have more energy than longer wavelengths. While reflecting red light, red objects absorb damaging, short-wavelength light that is high in energy.

What Exterior Paint Color Fades The Least?

The best fade-resistant outcomes are likely to be achieved with light colors such as whites and lighter neutral tones. Applying beige, brown, tan, and other earth tones to exterior surfaces is also more reliable, compared to organic colors like reds, blues, and greens, which are less likely to deteriorate when exposed to chemical processing.

light exterior paint color

However, if you must go with this color, using a lighter hue will increase reflectivity and delay fading.

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Which Type of Exterior Paint Fades the Least?

If you want an exterior coat of paint that is more fade-resistant, acrylic paints will produce excellent results.

Among the common paint varieties, acrylic exterior house paint generally has the longest lifespan. Acrylic paints are renowned for their ability to withstand damage from weather and other environmental factors. When it comes to preventing fading or damage from exposure to the sun, acrylic paints are a wonderful fit and are a professional house painter’s go-to choice.

choose the right paint type

Elastomeric paint is another fantastic option for UV-resistant exterior paint. In hot areas, elastomeric coatings are routinely applied to the exteriors of homes as a sort of “sunblock,” especially when homeowners require cement painting or repair services. Additional benefit? You can be sure that your home will be kept cool and protected for a very long period of time because elastomeric coatings are approximately ten times more durable than conventional exterior paints.

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Choose a Professional Contractor – Home Improvement Federal Way

One of the greatest methods to guarantee paint life and top performance is to work with local home painters with the specialized training necessary for the appropriate application. Acrylic and elastomeric paints are specially made to last for many years when exposed to UV radiation. However, if they are applied incorrectly to exterior surfaces, they lose all of their initial effects.

On the Internet, there are a ton of remodeling companies to select from, or you can look up some companies in your neighborhood. When you check the reviews of the firm you want to work with and see a lot of them are positive, that’s a good sign that they’ll perform a great job with an attractive design that matches your interests.

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