If you have a small bathroom, choosing a shower stall will save much more space than a soaking tub. Although the bathroom is not as much attention by many people as the living room or bedroom, for the most worthy relaxation after a tiring working day, it is still a worthwhile place to experiment with new decorating styles, make a feeling the owner were bathing in a magnificent spa.

Shower design ideas to create your style

Relaxing with a bath can be the way that many people want to choose for themselves after a tiring and stressful working day. But if time does not allow you to do that, the solution of a relaxing shower is the most reasonable option right now.

Indeed, the shower doesn’t sound as luxurious as the bathtub, but it’s undeniably more convenient and cheaper than putting a bulky tub into a small bathroom. And bathroom shower ideas were born to help you make the most appropriate choices in terms of cost and space for your bathroom.

Shower design ideas to create your style

Walk in shower ideas – space expansion solution

To expand the space of the bathroom, walk in showers are the solution for bathrooms designed in a modern bathroom style. You can expand the bathroom space with tall glass doors or a white shower curtain with delicate patterns. The fact that everything can be seen directly when making eye contact will make your small bathroom look more spacious without a shower wall.

space expansion solution

The large walk in shower will now make the room modern but equally luxurious. Adding a little flower with natural light to the bathroom brings a natural, elegant look that is no less glamorous.

Multiple shower heads – smart and fast

Have you ever wished for warm water to stream down the front and rear of your body simultaneously? You can install two shower heads front and back to make the most of your bathing time and relaxation. On frigid winter mornings, there will be no more cold side.

Just imagine, shower heads are like a waterfall gently flowing down all over you, creating a romantic natural feeling when bathing. Alternatively, add a shower bench so you can slowly relax and enjoy the moment.

smart and fast

A small suggestion for your beautiful shower, use white subway tile to make the room luxurious but full of sophistication. The white bathroom blends with elegant natural light, making the bathroom more sparkling and romantic.

Pro tip: white tile always gives your bathroom the perfect extension, this is one of the simple bathroom shower ideas.

Glass shower door – fantastic bathroom shower ideas

A frameless shower door will be one of the most popular shower ideas that people choose for a walk-in shower. The striking feature of one of these great shower ideas lies in the minimalist design of the glass door. Because of the minimalist but extremely beautiful design of the glass shower door, the bathroom shower space will be opened in front of your eyes. If you want a little privacy for your bathroom, combine it with a shower curtain that matches the color walls of the bathroom to complete the look.

fantastic bathroom shower ideas

A glass shower walls are also appealing to individuals who want to make their bathroom feel larger and more luxurious. Glass shower with many different sizes to suit any bathroom space. The special feature of glass door lies in the elegance and expansion of space for your room. A frameless shower let homeowners age in place by making their bathrooms appear larger. A frameless shower door expands the space in a subtle way. The use of this shower door creates a feeling of spaciousness and openness to an open space. This design is very suitable for bathrooms with limited space.

However, you can do market research to find yourself some basic bathroom items to get ideas for decorating everything in your style. We always value each person’s style because creating the world they want when bathing is the best way relaxing.

fantastic bathroom shower

Tiled Showers

Tiled showers are quite popular in simple bathrooms. They are a great alternative to prefabricated glass shower enclosures as they can create a beautiful relaxing space at a cost that’s not too expensive. Vintage-style or rustic style tiles may add a sense of elegance to your bathroom. Accent tiles with a glitzy or metallic finish are trending right now, as are fun ceramic tile forms and mosaic tile designs. This is one of the smart shower ideas that can both beautify and protect your bathroom from water damage.

Tiled Showers

Seated Shower

By adding a shower bench to your bathroom, relaxation can be maximized. It’s also useful for shaving legs. This is considered one of the special shower ideas, helping to prevent aging in place. This method is also recommended by many experts for the elderly. We believe that you will particularly appreciate the built-in storage area in this shower, which provides a convenient location for all of your shower essentials.

Seated Shower

Decor by lighting

Instead of depending on the bathroom’s primary overhead light, it’s becoming fashionable to install lighting fixtures in the shower to help your beautiful shower becomes more modern. This is one of the great shower ideas, and it can be done in a variety of creative ways to get your lighting exactly perfect or to add a little something to your decor.

Decor by lighting

Using Color to Create a Relaxing Shower

The tone and ambiance of any room in a house are determined by color. The soothing color of the shower is what makes it so appealing. You can decorate your bathroom with inspiration coming from the region’s world-famous crystal blue ocean waves. Add the shower’s blue marble tiling makes bathing feel like a trip to the beach. Or a little floral green with a gently vintage style, bringing something of the mysterious tropical garden.

Using Color to Create a Relaxing Shower

Shower walls

There are many ideas for shower walls, from tiles to tadelakt, marble to the most up-to-date mosaics. Marble bathroom ideas are elegant and timeless, and it is still one of the most popular shower wall ideas.

Also, think of combinations of colors. Coloring the bathroom to give birth to a new design might not be one of the first ideas that come to mind, but we bet it’s a great idea worth considering. Create a unique wall that clearly shows the style of the homeowner, adding to the attractiveness of your bathroom. Beauty can come from the simplest things and just a white wall, dotted with collages to create your own personality for your wonderful bathroom.

Shower walls

Any conceptions of a completely functional space should be abandoned. The bathroom should also be designed delicately and meticulously to create the appeal of your own home. Bring a little bit of nature into this bathroom and you’ll notice a huge difference. The beauty of delicate textures with light colors brings great appeal to your walls.

To create your own bathroom style is not easy, but you can keep one thing in mind, simplicity is sometimes an unexpectedly safe and effective solution.

Shower walls-1

Shower floor

When it comes to bathroom ideas, the shower floor is the first and foremost thing that should be considered. You can change the color of the wall, change the shower door if you don’t like it, but it will be very troublesome if you no longer love it and feel it does not match the bathroom floor. Replacing them is quite complicated and can be expensive. So it’s really important to consider choosing the most suitable and suitable floor design for yourself. The bathroom floor should be sturdy and simple to maintain, but that doesn’t mean it can’t still be attractive.

Marble bathroom floor ideas are still one of the most popular and desired materials for use in a shower room. Furthermore, marble is inherently water-resistant and gives a bathroom a wonderful spa-like space, whether it’s a modern or classic style.

Shower floor

When it comes to luxury, the top material that comes to mind is wood. This is a popular choice for modern and country shower ideas alike. With modern technology, everything is simplified. They allow pieces of wood to be easily joined together, resulting in stunning designs and novel textures like never before.

Shower floor-1Shower floor-2

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