The bathroom is one of the important areas in today’s home design, contributing to improving the quality of your living space. Recently, wallpaper has become a familiar product, fulfilling the demands of home decoration of many customers, especially in bathrooms. Impressively designed bathroom wallpaper borders not only increase the aesthetic value of your bathroom but also the entire design of your home. Therefore, besides the floor tiles, choosing the right bathroom border wallpaper will give the overall space a synchronous and luxurious beauty.

We often think the bathroom cannot use wallpaper. However, waterproof bathroom wallpaper is the superior solution to that problem! Many people believe that the paper will not be durable if it is used in a humid and absorbent environment such as corners in the bathroom. However, waterproof bathroom wallpaper border has changed the concept.

With a special structure, bathroom wallpapers become the common choice of many families today. This border wallpaper possesses stunning visual effects and vivid colors, helping your bathroom become more impressive, and dispelling the usual boring look. Therefore, you need to consider carefully before choosing a particular wall border tile to receive the best quality products and great beauty effects for your house.

beautiful bathroom wallpaper

So what types of bathroom wallpaper borders are on the market today or which type of wall border wallpapers are good? The following article will offer you a few trendy and beautiful bathroom wallpaper borders for your house’s bathroom, keep reading to choose the right bathroom wall tiles!

Why You Should Use Bathroom Border Wallpaper?

In addition to bedroom and living room, bathrooms are also an essential space in the house for each person to relax after a long day of work, so it is necessary to decorate them so that the users will be able to feel comfortable in them. Using wallpaper for bathrooms is a good choice, as it not only brings the aesthetic look to your space but also protects your wall in the long run. And here are some outstanding advantages of bathroom wallpaper, making wallpaper is the ideal solution, chosen by many people today:

Creating Aesthetic Beauty

The bathroom or toilet area often gets less attention in terms of aesthetic design. However, using bathroom wallpaper is a gradually popular trend for many modern people. Wallpaper not only makes the bathroom area more aesthetically pleasing but also makes you feel better in the shower.

aesthetic beauty

Protect The Wall of Your Bathroom

Because it has to be exposed to a lot of water, some areas of the wall in the bathroom often have mold, green moss, etc., causing a loss of aesthetics but the cost to repair is a quite large amount of money. Wallpaper borders used in the bathroom also help keep your bathroom drier, limit the growth of mold, and avoid bacteria that are harmful to your health; contributing to protecting the wall in your bathroom area better.

Reasonable Price

Bathroom wallpaper has outstanding advantages but its price is very affordable. You can choose from a wide range of beautiful wallpaper styles, and select the one that is suitable for the bathroom. Compared to using paint or wall tiles, bathroom wallpaper border is a cheaper way to decorate and is offered at a variety of prices that are suitable for your own budget.

Eye-catching Design, Provided With A Variety of Styles

Bathroom wallpaper border is currently offered on the market with a variety of models, colors, designs, suitable for many types of spaces, and bathroom interiors. Whether it’s luxurious, sophisticated or simple, modern, etc., it can meet different preferences, visual interest, and needs of users, even the most fastidious ones.

eye-catching design

How to Choose The Best Bathroom Wallpaper Borders

The bathroom is a relaxing space for all family members. Therefore, choosing the right water-resistant bathroom wallpaper can help you get rid of all the stress and fatigue. At the same time, it can help you improve your old monotonous bathroom space.

Good Waterproofing

This is considered the leading factor when it comes to quality bathroom wallpaper. When the wallpaper is soaked in water, it is easy to create an environment for many types of bacteria, and mold, … that are harmful to human health. Using waterproof bathroom wallpaper will help your bathroom become drier and cleaner as well as protect the health of your family members.

Paper Materials

Paper material is also an extremely important factor. Because there are many low-quality wallpaper products on the market today. The right selection of new paper material helps to enhance the effect of waterproof bathroom wallpaper as well as bring a smooth surface to your bathroom’s wall.

Color and texture of wallpapers

Bathroom space is often limited, so you should choose light and gentle colors to help your bathroom become more airy and spacious. Especially you should not choose too many or too large wallpaper details, because while the area is too small, it will bring a feeling of confusion, cramped, and imbalance.

Therefore, light-colored wallpaper, with simple and gentle patterns will be the right choice for a small bathroom, making the bathroom look more spacious and airy.

simple light-colored wallpaper


Top 5 Bathroom Wallpaper Borders Ideas

Green Wallpaper

Marble bathroom wallpaper gives the bathroom a cool, airy feel. When combined with mirrors and bathroom furniture, it will bring a luxurious and modern feeling. This is one of the most commonly used bathroom wall tiles.

Neutral White Ceiling Border Wallpaper

The border of white wallpaper is ideal for combining other colors in the bathroom. This soft wallpaper liner can be framed around the ceiling or placed between wallpaper that matches it. Because the adhesive is so powerful, the border will adhere to any surface and provide a lovely finish for years to come.

white ceiling border

Ocean Wallpaper

Funny fish and marine animals may bring a whole new look to your bathroom, standing out from other usual designs. This style will give a sense of youthful and freshness whenever you set foot in this room, especially suitable for children.

Classic Timeless Wallpaper

Lead all eyes to the master bathroom by framing the walls around it in a classic black and white pattern. In this classic space, the traditional toilet becomes more appealing and modern, with not so many details, which is extremely suitable for houses, following the minimalist designs.

classic timeless bathroom

Elegant Floral Wallpaper

Optically modern interpretations of classical designs are popping up all over the place. In this bathroom, elegant floral wallpaper is not only bring a soft look and flatters the subtle beauty of the sink. Architectural details are based on the original design along with floral border wallpaper has been taken to create a modern yet vintage vibe in the bathroom space.

elegant floral wallpaper

Royal Luxuries Wallpaper

To create an atmosphere of British charm with some classic European touches, this design uses a royal luxuries wallpaper for the bathroom. This luxurious look may be overwhelmed for some people but it is a perfect choice for those who love the luxurious and royal vibe.

royal luxuries wallpaper

Choose a Professional Contractor

Although applying wallpaper border seems to be a relatively simple DIY project that you can do by yourself and will save you money on labor, it’s always a good idea to have a professional worker on call. It might be time to seek an estimate from a painter close to you if you don’t have much time on hand or have a fear of using a ladder to reach a high spot on your ceiling. Especially, bathrooms with a complicated roofline can be definitely risky for amateurs to apply the wallpaper on, in this case hiring a professional team will be the best option.

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