Top 12 Sparkling Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas 2022

When designing the scheme of any room in your house, one of the most important elements is lighting, especially in kitchen lighting. The kitchen is the space you use no matter night or day to prepare meals, gather your beloved people together. Also, it will create a warm ambiance and heart for your whole house. Installing and enhancing your kitchen lighting is a cost-effective way to elevate the value of kitchen space instant.

The kitchen island has become more popular where most of your family’s everyday routine takes place. You can spend time drinking a cup of coffee before heads of office or school, preparing for dinner, working on homework, and cozy space for dinner parties. That’s why lighting the kitchen island is more essential.

The following kitchen island lighting ideas will bring you from sources of our favorite designers that inspire you to renovate your kitchen!

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Pendant Lights

Almost all kitchen islands need to incorporate some items to bring a special space for the room. You will want to consider lighting options overhead to have the focus lights. For example, the pendant lights over the island add the ambiance and easily re-position if needed.

pendant lights

A pendant light, also known as a drop light or a suspender light, is a single light fixture attached to the ceiling by a string, chain, or metal rod. Pendant lights are frequently used in groups, hung in a straight line over a kitchen countertop and dining table, and occasionally in a bathroom or bedroom.

One of the most useful features of a pendant light is that it directs light from the ceiling to your counter, table, favorite chair, or any location where you’ll need it. Pendant lights, as the name implies, may be extremely handy for job lighting. And as we mentioned above, pendant lighting is much easy for anyone to adjust the position to not involve when you are enjoying your meals.

pendant lights-1

You must also consider the lights’ materials in addition to the style of pendant lighting. Most pendant lights are constructed of glass, metal, plastic, or fabric that will form the shape of lighting depending on its material.


Glass is an excellent choice for providing ambient light to enhance your entire environment. Choosing pendant light of opal glass, which disperse light, or transparent glass, which project light and allow you to display a decorative bulb.

glass bulb

In addition to the form of a pendant light, glass is commonly used in chandeliers. Because glass is brittle, it is not a good choice for outdoor settings, but it can work well indoors in a foyer or other space, especially on the kitchen island. However, they can be more expensive than metal or plastic alternatives.


The kitchen island lighting of metal is more durable than other types of lights and can be used to make a pendant light for an outdoor area or porch. Metal comes in a range of styles and can be used in a variety of contexts that provides enough illumination to your room. Metal lamps might be more expensive than plastic or fabric ones.

metal lamps


Plastic is a less expensive alternative of pendant lights to metal and glass-styled materials. However, plastic is more resistant to wear and tear than cotton and can be used outside. These come in a range of styles and can be utilized in a variety of settings around the whole home. While plastic is a less expensive option, many plastic pendants can appear elegant and sophisticated.

plastic light

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Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas

Casual Kitchen Pendant Lighting

casual pendant lights

In kitchens, lamp fixtures give a beautiful low-level focal point. When done well, you can develop your own distinct culinary style. Pendant lamp lights are suspended from the ceilings and clustered or hung from an umbrella. They can be installed above coffee shops or workplaces without posing any danger.

This style of California pendant lighting creates a clever focus point with some basic colors of blue and brass. The combination in this design will emphasize a welcoming room and shine in a fabulous and unique statement of the kitchen.

Pendant Lighting Defines Neutral Style

neutral colors of pendants

In a modern style of the kitchen island, the neutral color of pendant lights can define the subtle shape of the room design. There are a bunch of combinations that originate from exposed bulbs and brass fixtures in an almost modern kitchen island. The consolidations between modern and antique feelings create a stylish focal point above the island.

The old pendant lights are commonly used since their functionality helps create a splash of elegance to this room but still maintains the classic of the kitchen.

Classic Ceiling Lighting

ceiling lighting

Track lights have an adjustable lighting module that is divided into two pieces by steel wires. These kitchen lights, which are both stylish and inexpensive, have played a key part in kitchen lighting since the 1960s and can sometimes be found illuminating current kitchen styles as well.

Hanging the statement lighting with the ceiling at a height that won’t block your view will make the illusion of being taller for your kitchen space. You don’t need to add too many light fittings that make the view more complicated and not reflect any depth of kitchen beauty.

Under-Cabinet Illumination

Under-Cabinet Illumination

Lighting the dark region behind the trough cabinets can help with preparation, generate a pleasant illumination, and make kitchens more comfortable to work in. There are numerous options available, ranging from simple and inexpensive spotlight designs to integrated plans that disappear into cabinets when not in use. To create fashionable looks, use these lighting pieces with bold jewelry in your décor.

The Sconce on the Wall

The Sconce on the Wall

Decent wall lamps can provide ambient light in a moderate approach to help you improve regions and focus your attention on certain places. For this effect, a wall decorating sconce was installed above the exposed brick façade. These lighting gadgets simply cast a lot less light on them, allowing them to function. The light from these chandeliers is of varying degrees and warm colors, providing the same traditional beauty.

Double Lighting

pendants in double islands

What if your kitchen area has two islands? Which design ideas will suit your room? That’s easy to get each lighting over one. You can choose both pendants or chandeliers to mix with each other. This mixture will create a unique touch of each island.

Push a Light with The Chandelier

chandelier of Murano

Don’t ever think the chandelier is just used for the living room and bedroom! The kitchen is where you can go over any limits to create your own ideas with any concept of lighting. A chandelier of Murano glass could be hung above a large island to offer a focal point for the space in the evening.

A mixture of blending styles looks grander on the open-plan kitchen island. It is more ideal when you have an extra height of the ceiling to bring an illusion. Especially, combining the chandelier with spotlights will add further drama when switching on the lights!

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Go Simple with a Single Shade

Go Simple with a Single Shade

You also don’t need to overthink the layout and how to add design to the kitchen. A single shade above the kitchen island is also the best way to highlight the main point of the kitchen. Especially in a small space with an average size of the island, one dominant light is a great option to make an impact on illumination and food preparation.

Making Shine with Light from Ground Up

Making Shine with Light from Ground Up

LED lighting or a pendant against the ground can bring a bag of ambiance in the kitchen that is undetectable. If you want to benefit from lighting that still can take place some entertainments but don’t want to make the kitchen island area become the main point of the room, this design is totally ideal!

Classic Brass Pendant Lights

Classic Brass Pendant Lights

The pendants with antique brass details will satisfy some young families which are seeking functional lighting designs but are not over-precious. This design is in Massachusetts acting like the main lights of the kitchen. The classic brass details evoke the charm in its historic beauty with the absence of over a hundred years.

Do Not Scare of The Colors


Some people are scared of some colorful shapes of lights. However, in case your kitchen is in various colors that a single color of light will never fit your design layout. The color in the kitchen will go in its way to create a flair and ensure the color will stretch your whole room. For example, with a blue kitchen, a smart way to combine lighting into this design is to choose the same hue.

Cluster Lights

On a high ceiling, choosing a cluster of pendants will be better than a single-tiny one. In this way, you will actually make your island area into a star of the house. Don’t go scared of trying new concepts of kitchen lighting. Considering the cluster lights with dimmer functionality so that you will not feel overwhelmed in this way.

Make your kitchen room be a natural space, not just a place for cooking and cleaning!

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