You don’t have to forgo substance or elegance because you have a small kitchen; these design ideas will help you have a great kitchen no matter how small the kitchen space is.

The kitchen is the heart of the house, regardless of its size or shape. It’s critical to design a place that you like spending time in. Our little kitchen ideas can help you make the most of even the tiniest of spaces.

You can transform a modest kitchen notion into one that accomplishes everything you want and need by maximizing every spare inch, reorganizing sections that don’t work as hard as they could, and adding extra solutions where necessary. Minimal clutter and optimum efficiency are becoming increasingly important in kitchen design.

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Small kitchen ideas

Small apartments and houses have a lot of charm, but they don’t always have enough cooking space.

Fortunately, there are several compact kitchen designs available that enhance storage and efficiency. You can make even the tiniest of kitchens a room you love cooking—and hanging out—in by thinking imaginatively about how to make the most of your little kitchen floor plan and maximizing whatever countertop and wall real estate you have.

We’ve rounded together 30 small kitchen design ideas to help you make the most of your small space, whether it’s a tiny kitchen or a single wall in your living space.

Read on to get your little kitchen, whether you’re rebuilding and beginning from scratch or simply refreshing your existing area.

1. One wall kitchen – wonderful small kitchen ideas

In compact flats and condos, one-wall, straight kitchens are prevalent. All of the appliances, cabinets, and countertops are lined up against a single wall in this design.

The one-wall kitchen isn’t the ideal choice unless you’re short on space; the straight line doesn’t allow for a good workflow. Adding a little accent wall will make your small kitchen different and special.

2. Galley style kitchens

Appliances, worktops, and white cabinets are organized in straight lines on either side of a limited area in a galley kitchen, which is like a beefed-up version of the straight kitchen.

Our creative director said that the term “galley” refers to the long, thin kitchens seen on ships, trains, and aircraft. Galley kitchen makes good use of compact areas as a result of its genesis.

However, you can feel a little claustrophobic. But this is one of the small kitchen ideas that are not too bad for you to consider.

3. Using glass walls to divide the area – creative small kitchen ideas

In a tiny kitchen, especially a compact galley kitchen, it might seem hard to correctly zone the area. Integrating a partition means you can divide functions out more and offer dedicated prep spaces within the room.

To maintain the area feeling open and allow light to filter through, choose a glass half divider for extra storage. Keep your appliances and bigger utensils are hidden from casual view in one part, akin to a prep kitchen.

In addition, you can consider replacing the glass wall by choosing an empty wall to maximize the space.

4. Organize your cabinets to the nth degree – maximize storage space

Getting organized in any small space (small kitchen or elsewhere) is critical. When space is limited, you can’t afford to squander any of it, even the hidden space within your cupboards.

Stock up on risers, lid organizers for all of your different pots and pans, spice sorting systems, and anything else that will help you organize and maximize your storage space.

5. Dish duty should be simplified – amazing small kitchen ideas

If you don’t have a place for a dishwasher in your small kitchen, make sure the stainless steel kitchen sink or farmhouse sink is both functional and neat. Getting rid of bulky pots is something you should also consider right now.

The functional kitchen is for cooking and cleaning dirty dishes, pots and pans,… let everything go right and right even for your small kitchen a little short of space.

6. Kitchen with an L-shape – the best small kitchen ideas

Appliances and counters are situated in a corner of the L-shape arrangement, which runs along perpendicular walls and square footage. In the open space within the L, there may or may not be a kitchen island. The L-shaped kitchen offers plenty of counter and kitchen storage while maintaining an open vibe.

7. Creative breakfast bar

Decorate the kitchen wall in a minimalist style, but indispensable accent wall according to your own personality, you made your kitchen feel bright and airy.

A little breakfast nook, complete with its own small gallery wall, maximizes your space and your money.

You can think of buying a bar cart to make it easier to get food everywhere.

8. Incorporate a kitchen island

Even if your kitchen is on the small side, a compact kitchen island may be added for prep space and discussion. Consider using a rolling island that can be pulled out of the way once the meal is finished.

Just because you have a small kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t have a kitchen island. You can do that; all you have to do is put it on wheels with a bar cart so that when you need an island, it’s there, and when the guests arrive, you can push it to the side or bring it into the dining area or living room and use it as a breakfast bar.

9. To visually extend your small kitchen, choose light colors – perfect kitchen design idea

The brighter the kitchen, the more spacious it will feel. If there is a wonderful view out a window, you will like to focus on bringing the outside in and letting nature drive the palette.

A light color palette on the countertops, backsplashes, walls, and millwork makes a small kitchen feel more open.

If you don’t want to do complete remodeling, think about the culinary tools you constantly have on hand: If you choose light-colored cutting boards, pots and pans, and linens, you can instantly brighten up your small space.

9. Kitchens in the shape of a horseshoe or a G – Breakthrough kitchen design ideas

This kitchen style is an enlarged variation of the L-shape, with countertops arranged around the kitchen work space on at least three sides.

This design is more typical in big kitchens; a small home may not have adequate counter space on all sides. However, in an open-plan home, you might be able to incorporate a tiny kitchen like this.

Remember the kitchen work triangle rule when you plan your layout: Make a triangle by placing the refrigerator, stove, and sink together. This structure guarantees that your kitchen runs smoothly.

You must also select whether or not your kitchen will feature an island, depending on the style you pick and the amount of space available.

10. Cabinet concepts with custom cabinetry

When it comes to cabinets, one crucial tip to remember for tiny kitchens is to make the most of the available space. It’s a crime to waste space when it’s scarce.

Choose cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling (unless your ceiling is extremely high!). Fill vacant areas – even little ones – with useable cabinet space wherever feasible.

Consider sliding cabinet doors instead of normal swinging doors for very compact kitchens, especially galley kitchens. Because drawers are more space-efficient than cabinets, consider adding more drawers to your lower cabinet set.

With that in mind, the next thing to think about is color. Brighter colors are always a good choice in tiny kitchens since they make the area look bigger and more open. The contrast between dark cabinets and light counters and floors may be stunning. The gray cabinets are also not a bad idea when looking for colors for small kitchen ideas.

11. Natural light fixtures – best kitchen design

Lighting is one of the most crucial parts of interior design, especially in kitchens, although it is often overlooked. After all, you’re working with blades and heat in this space, so you want to be able to see what you’re doing!

It’s usually preferable to use natural light wherever possible, so if your kitchen has a couple of windows, you’re in luck.

However, because you’ll be preparing supper in the dark, having your ambient and task lighting just right is critical. Ambient lighting is the major source of light that is uniformly distributed around the space.

Recessed lighting is an excellent alternative for a tiny kitchen since it takes up little space. Depending on the height of your ceiling, you may be able to hang lights.

12. Counter space – necessary kitchen design ideas

The style of your counter should match the rest of your kitchen.

In a narrow space, a basic countertop of plain white or faintly flecked stone is a fantastic solution, as the homogeneous space gives a lovely visual break.

Wooden countertops are usually a stylish choice. Darker wood tones convey elegance and refinement, whereas lighter wood tones seem conventional and rustic.

If you prefer the dark, black countertops may be used to complement a dark color scheme, but they can also be used to contrast with colorful cabinets or walls.

Mid-tones, like grey or beige, are adaptable and may be used in a variety of designs.

13. Floor space in small kitchen

Small kitchen, contrary to common assumptions, may definitely be used as compact kitchen diners. Using careful zoning, make the area feel like two independent rooms without sacrificing size.

Choose two contrasting floor space designs to fool the eye into thinking there are two places. For the floor kitchen, a patterned alternative is excellent since it is more energizing and helps hide spills. Meanwhile, for a relaxing eating area, tranquil, neutral designs work nicely.

14. Save space with a sliding door in small kitchen

Dining space in a small kitchen calculated by square inch is extremely precious, so turning every square inch into valuable space is the top priority.

If you have a small kitchen with little room, you might be tempted to remove the door to prevent feeling claustrophobic. A kitchen door, on the other hand, is a useful tool for keeping the odors of cooking from permeating the rest of the home.

Consider sliding doors, which are the ideal room divider in terms of conserving space.

Using a sliding door in the compact dining room design that takes up little space but gives separation from the kitchen beyond. The reinforced glass construction means it doesn’t operate as a solid barrier from one place to the next even when it’s closed.

15. Keep dimensions in mind help more space

Kitchens must be both useful and attractive. In a normal kitchen space with a width of 6 feet and a length of 12 feet, island and peninsula countertops are rarely an option. A significant consideration should be the necessity of walkway space.

Always leave a metre of walkway space on one or both sides of your workbench, island, or peninsula counter when planning your arrangement. This is an important feature to consider from both a utilitarian and aesthetic standpoint.

16. Collapsible furniture helps you extra storage in small space

Choose collapsible furniture to provide you more flexibility with your area. An extended table serves as a type of island in this contemporary kitchen. Then, when needed, it expands to create a large dining table for mealtimes.

The table might also be used as a valuable desk space for those who work from home. The necessity for a table does not limit the space because of the nature of collapsible furniture. It’s a really effective technique to maximize the space’s functionality.

17. Use your creativity when it comes to corners your small kitchen

Even the most basic meal preparation and serving, which necessitates a lot of’stuff,’ must be accommodated in a small kitchen. This implies that being resourceful with design solutions is critical to making the most of every available square foot.

To lengthen the space, make sure the units are as tall as physically possible. Using magic corners and other creative techniques, such as the under-cabinet glass rack, can help you make the most of every square inch of space.

One of brilliant kitchen storage ideas suggestion in dining room is to hang glasses below the cupboards. It not only saves space that would otherwise be wasted, but it also frees up storage space within the cabinets.

18. Make use of the available wall space to produce a more compact design

When room is limited, a creative compact kitchen design might save the day. When working with a smaller area, the layout must be carefully examined to ensure that every square inch of the kitchen is utilized.

Creating a bank of cabinetry along one wall is a terrific way to open up the space and streamline it. Tall wall units are especially well-suited to narrow, small spaces, since they make the room appear more spacious than if it were packed with larder-style drawers.

19. Keep It Simple – basic small kitchen ideas

To make the small kitchen feel larger space, lay subway tiling out horizontally to cover every single inch of space, from the backsplash to the ventilation hood. For a traditional look, adhere to a neutral, monochromatic palette.

20. Choose glass doors with open shelving

Tall inner glass doors provide the impression of a much larger room in small kitchen, and the black lacquer paint is a tribute to embracing darker, cozier areas rather than forcing them to seem huge and bright with all-white decor. According to contemporary in many aspects, the open shelves exhibit antiques from the occupants’ travels for a timeless appeal.

21. Pay close attention to the details

Don’t neglect the smaller elements when creating a new kitchen to make your zero space more usable. When designing a small space, minor details, such as the selection of materials, are crucial. Lighter wood finishes and paint colors help to create the illusion of more space in your kitchen.

However, whites and creams are less trendy right now, so a smoky grey design with smoked oak wood and matte grey paint is a perfect compromise. If you combine these colors with light-colored counters, your kitchen will appear big and airy.

22. Glass may help to open up a space

Glass is a critical element to enhance a tiny space, whether you’re designing a new kitchen or doing a makeover on old cabinets. If you go with floor-to-ceiling cabinets, make sure they’re all glass-door display cabinets. This will open up the space in a way that opaque cabinets in a smaller kitchen would not.

23. To encourage relaxation, use fresh mint green in small kitchen

Kitchens of all sizes can feel cluttered, but compact kitchens are especially vulnerable due to their size. Face this problem straight on by choosing a color that encourages rest and relaxation for your little kitchen. Because of its abundance in nature, green is the best tone for making us feel collected and tranquil.

As shown in the green kitchen above, use a variety of tones in cabinetry, walls, and accessories. That layering will amplify the impact of the green of a garden, woods, or forest glade.

24. Use color to create an optical illusion

Painting kitchen cabinets is gaining poapularity as homeowners seek less expensive methods to update their kitchens rather than replacing them entirely.

With a simple splash of color, this cheap kitchen concept is a terrific way to rejuvenate the surfaces and make your room appear brand new. In tiny areas, a fresh color scheme may make a great difference in making the space feel bigger.

25. Reflections on the Walls

To make a small kitchen appear larger, use mirrors on the walls. Mirrors highlight the panoramic vistas in the small kitchen. And who cares about the size of the kitchen when you have a view like that?

26. Remove any clutter

Countertops are great real estate for clutter, which quickly makes a space appear smaller. Every couple of months, make it a point to get rid of all your unused plastic containers and mismatched dinnerware.

While you’re at it, clean out your produce storage: A convenient covered fruit dish will keep onions and garlic apart from odor-absorbing fruit and their papery skins off the counter. A hanging fruit basket for those additional bits and bobs would also provide aesthetic appeal if you have the installation expertise.

27. Make your small kitchen more comfortable by adding extra chairs

Make use of that additional counter space! Pulling up a couple barstools can help you make the most of an extra eating space that may be used for informal dinners or morning coffee.

28. Make use of the wall space above the counter for storage and decoration

When it comes to how much storage you can add to a wall, the sky is the limit, or at least your ceiling is. Without taking up much room, you can design an exceptionally effective storage system with shelves for glasses, hooks for cups, pegs for pans, and a rod for commonly used items. Alternatively, utilize this space to add some greenery to your kitchen without taking up valuable counter space.

29. Choose a simple color palette.

A neutral kitchen color design can make a tiny kitchen appear bright and airy. However, neutral kitchens do not have to be beige or cream. Combine white patterned tiles and marble worktops with blue pastel kitchen cabinets for a bright color scheme that will reflect light and make the space appear bigger.

30. Invest in storage that is adaptable

When it comes to storage in a tiny kitchen, you have to be inventive. Rather than investing in standard shelves, this string wire panel shelving maximizes storage by responding to the demands of your kitchen.

Shelves may be added or removed, glasses can be hung upside down, and even a wine rack can be added. When room is limited, you must make every square inch count.

31. Use eye-catching flooring to draw attention away from the rest of the small kitchen

Go all out with vibrant tiling in a small kitchen. A bold pattern on the floor draws the eye away from the walls and makes the space appear larger. From the slimline appliances to the hanging pot plant, every inch of this kitchen has been designed to make the most of the limited space.

Hanging the copper planter in the kitchen is a terrific way to add some life and design without crowding the work surfaces.

32. Kitchen cabinets should be painted to match the walls

Paint the cupboards the same color as the walls to give the sense of greater space in a tiny kitchen. It’s the best white kitchen concept since it produces a bright and open room with units that fade into the kitchen walls.

Every available inch of space in this rustic kitchen is loaded with storage, yet a consistent wash of white paint keeps the area looking clean and open.

33. Install cabinets from the floor to the ceiling

Consider going vertical by extending your cabinets all the way to the ceiling, but plan carefully to keep the space seeming as open as possible. Items that aren’t used very often should be kept in top cupboards. If you have the space, include a breakfast bar and smart kitchen lighting ideas like the one seen above.

The quantity of storage offers maximizes the available space and makes your kitchen more friendly.

34. Clean up your work surface

Consider inventive solutions like wall-mounted magnetic knife strips, rails to hang utensils, pans, mugs, spice jars, and cutlery bins if your worktops are cluttered.

Consider what you need on a daily basis, such as chopping boards, wooden spoons, and dishwashing detergent, as well as what can be saved until required. To conserve even more room, look for clever kitchen appliance arrangement ideas.

35. Don’t throw money away by wasting space

Although not every kitchen will have enough space for an island or peninsula, if you insist on having one, try a slimline design. Although the center workstation depicted here is tiny, it provides additional storage space as well as a suitable work surface for food preparation.


What is the best way to design a small kitchen?

You must consider the journey in every kitchen, no matter how big or little. What are your plans for the space? Every kitchen has a usage triangle, which is the path from fridge to sink to oven – the important items that must be addressed. Plan your layout around the most efficient use of space. Look to use vertical solutions to make the most of every storage space available.

What color is ideal for a samll kitchen?

Light is the most effective weapon for making a small area appear larger by reflecting light into shadows and elevating the entire room.

As a result, white is a fantastic choice. Pure dazzling white is a must-have for tiny areas since it is completely pigment-free. This implies that it reflects virtually all of the light that strikes it.

On the other hand, hte deeper the color, the more light it absorbs.

Enjoy and turn this small space into a dream kitchen

Your kitchen doesn’t have to feel claustrophobic just because it’s small. When you make efficient use of space, you’ll discover that you have a lot more than you believe. You won’t have to lose aesthetic just because your kitchen is small if you think about each design step thoroughly. Take a look at some of our suggestions and see what you can come up with for your own little kitchen design.

Don’t forget to safeguard your appliances and home furnishings! If you’re buying new kitchen appliances, be sure your budget is adequate to cover them.

Don’t forget to contact us by phone (026) 258-9103 for more details.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article and we hope you find some interesting solutions for your small kitchen.


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