Complete Guide For Hanging Pendant Lighting Over Island

Whether an amateur or professional chef also knows the importance of task lighting in the kitchen. The kitchen is the space you use no matter night or day to prepare meals, gather your beloved people together. Also, it will create a warm ambiance and heart for your whole house. Installing and enhancing your kitchen lighting is a cost-effective way to elevate the value of kitchen space instant.

The kitchen island has become more popular where most of your family’s everyday routine takes place. If you leave your kitchen island is stuck in the dark or in a less lighting area, it could be a big mistake that doesn’t combine enough kitchen functions. But is it relatively easy to choose the right pendant lights not to create an overwhelmed feeling with the right options?

Creating the right balance for the perfect light on the kitchen island is tricky, but there are a few rules to hang pendant lights much easier. The following kitchen island lighting guide will bring you all that you need when remodeling the kitchen island!

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What Are Pendant Lights?

Almost all kitchen islands need to incorporate some items to bring a special space for the room. You will want to consider lighting options overhead to have the focus lights. For example, the pendant lights over the island add the ambiance and easily re-position if needed.

pendant lights

A pendant light, also known as a drop light or a suspender light, is a single light fixture attached to the ceiling by a string, chain, or metal rod. Pendant lights are frequently used in groups, hung in a straight line over a kitchen countertop and dining table, and occasionally in a bathroom or bedroom.

One of the most useful features of a pendant light is that it directs light from the ceiling to your counter, table, favorite chair, or any location where you’ll need it. Pendant lights, as the name implies, may be extremely handy for job lighting. And as we mentioned above, pendant lighting is much easy for anyone to adjust the position to not involve when you are enjoying your meals.

pendant lights-1

You must also consider the lights’ shades in addition to the style of pendant lighting. Most pendant lights are constructed of glass, metal, plastic, or fabric that will form the light shades depending on their material.


Glass shades are excellent choices for providing ambient light to enhance your entire environment. Choosing pendant light of opal glass, which disperses light, or transparent glass, which projects light and allows you to display a decorative bulb.

glass bulb

In addition to the form of a pendant light, glass is commonly used in chandeliers. Because glass is brittle, it is not a good choice for outdoor settings, but it can work well indoors in a foyer or other space, especially on the kitchen island. However, they can be more expensive than metal or plastic alternatives.


The kitchen island lighting of metal is more durable than other types of lights and can be used to make a pendant light for an outdoor area or porch. Metal comes in a range of styles and can be used in a variety of contexts that provides enough illumination to your room. Metal lamps might be more expensive than plastic or fabric ones.

metal lamps


Plastic is a less expensive alternative to pendant lights to metal and glass-styled materials. However, plastic is more resistant to wear and tear than cotton and can be used outside. These come in a range of styles and can be utilized in a variety of settings around the whole home. While plastic is a less expensive option, many plastic pendants can appear elegant and sophisticated.

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Types of Pendant Light Fixture for Kitchen Island

For the best experience, different light bulbs would be provided for different purposes. You can’t finish all the kitchen tasks with ceiling lights or recessed lighting. In this case for a kitchen island, pendant lights are the most popular picks because of their light ray directly down.

Pendant lights come in a wide variety of different shapes and styles. The name of each style will help you imagine its shape. And the shades of pendants also vary depending on the material they’re used.

classic drum shapedome pendantsquare pendantcrystal pendantlantern pendantteardrop pendant

Height Best Suited for Hanging Pendant Lights

The general rule of thumb for hanging pendant lights is to set at least 30 inches between the bottom of the light fixture and the countertop. Of course, there are some exceptions based on preference and other factors. The height of the lighting fixture can have a dramatic impact on your experience on the kitchen island.

If you hand pendant lights too high, it will not provide enough lighting for your area. But if you hang pendants too low, they will block your view and activities when doing kitchen tasks. This typical height allows the pendant lighting to do its full functions without blocking you from view sight.

hang light in low ceilings

To know which height is proper for the pendant lighting, you first determine the ceiling height so that you will know the significant adjustments. For example, with low ceilings, you have to add three inches into the distance between the bottom of the pendant lighting and the countertop. In contrast, with a higher ceiling, hang the lighting dropped from the height of 30 inches down to about 28 inches which will make you feel more proportion.

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Finding the Perfect Fixture Guide


It seems quite easy to take the size of pendant lights on the kitchen island. However, the pendant light’s size should suit the kitchen space, so calculating its size can take a little math formula. It’s easy, don’t worry!

The ideal size for pendant lights is to add the feet width of your countertop to its feet length. For example, if your kitchen island is 3 feet wide and 7 feet long, 3 + 7 = 10 inches would be your measurement for the pendant lights!

10 inches pendant lights


The shape of the lighting bulb in the kitchen affects not only its shade but also the overall complement of the kitchen island design. Because a pendant light would be placed anywhere in your house, such as the kitchen island, powder room, bathroom, etc., there are a variety of pendant shapes available. Depending on its function in each room, the geometrical shape of lights should vary.

A dome-shaped pendant is a versatile design choice.

dome-shaped pendant

A classic drum shape has a timeless contemporary appeal, especially suited for a kitchen island.

drum-shaped pendant

The shape of pendant lights will affect how much they illuminate and how much glow the illumination could be cast over the island.


Anh the next important element in your lighting is the style. Ensure that you will choose the pendant lighting style which depends on your own personality of the kitchen islands to know which one will fit that design. If you want your spaces to become more open and airy, an open lantern style with a glass shade would be appropriate.

lantern style with glass

If you have a bar countertop in the kitchen, hanging 4 pendant lights or more could emphasize the existing design and style of your house. This way is also applied for space if you have a large kitchen island.

Choosing Light Bulbs

The next is to choose the best light bulb with a proper light source for your task lighting. Although this step will depend on a few factors, you can choose the LED bulbs as a fantastic choice! LED bulbs are energy-efficient, keep wattage lower than other incandescent lights, which are long-lasting.

LED bulbs

The temperature of the light source is also an important factor. The best light bulb which is recommended for you has a range between 2700 and 3500 Kelvins. At this temperature, your kitchen island will work the kitchen task best here with soft white, cool white, or bright white.

You should also install dimmers to control the light source, including its temperature and mood.


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