It’s common practice to draw out floor plans for a whole-house redesign, so why not for the master bathroom, especially walk in shower? However, some homeowners disregard master bathroom floor plans, claiming that bathrooms are so straightforward that actual drawings are unnecessary.

In actuality, a small bathroom layout necessitates meticulous planning. A bathtub positioned too close to a toilet or sink with white cabinets without enough buffering, for example, might be disastrous for a tiny room. Creating bathroom floor plans might assist you in anticipating these issues and adjusting your design prior to beginning any renovation work.

To help you get started on your next remodel here is the free master bathroom floor plan in walk in shower designs.

Begin with the Fundamentals


These bathroom floor plans are straightforward, effective, and get the job done without fuss.

This is a well-designed bathroom that just works. Because all of the plumbing is on one wall, there is a cost-saving. However, these others come at a cost: the room isn’t particularly attractive, and there isn’t much counter space.

It’s still a classic and a master bathroom to be reckoned with. And, well, you just typed “bathroom powerhouse,” and you are crossing off life milestones left and right now.

An Improved Three-in-a-Row

This concept commits to the idea of a single plumbing wall, but then extends (and presumably widens) the master bathroom. You may simply install two excellent sinks in a more public space, with a pocket door leading to a toilet and bath/shower room. This allows two people to use the restroom at the same time, making it ideal for a shared children’s bathroom. It also provides some privacy.

Extra Storage – Smart Master Bathroom Floor Plans


At the top of the bathroom floor plan follow white tile style, there is a master bathroom with a bedroom, and at the bottom, there is a storage closet. The smart design allows you lots of storage. Next to the basins, there is a tall linen closet. If necessary, an additional full height linen cabinet might be built beneath them.

A large walk in shower takes up even more room than the bath. On the other hand, the standalone tub is available for when you want to take a more leisurely bath.

Luxurious Space – Best Bathroom Layout


The shower area with cobble style tile design is divided into a succession of screened zones in this walk in shower, giving it a sensation of expansive grandeur.

The shower, double vanity, large mirror, and bath are done at the far end of the shower room. A spa-like atmosphere is created by a wall around the master bathroom space. Between the bath and the shower cubicle, a seat gives a comfortable spot to disrobe.

For privacy, just a toilet with a double sink is hidden behind the glass doors. It can also be used when other people are showering or washing their hands.

Sunken Floor

Creating with various levels is another way to add interest to your house. The bathroom is reached by taking two steps down from the main floor. Although the difference is only 16 inches, it has the effect of creating a comfortable, private place.

In the back corner shower, the walk in shower is somewhat covered. The WC can be supported on one side of the cubicle by adding an additional shower wall. A closet provides additional available space. A standalone bathtub next to a picture window allows you to soak while admiring the scenery.

The battle of the sexes has a clear winner in this restroom. The “guy sink” only has one basin, but the “female sink” on the other side has two!

Double Duty – More Space in Walk in Shower


The master bath layout of this walk in shower with tan and beige lines is ideal for more than one person to use at the same time.

The WC is located in a separate cubicle with glass panels separating, well away from the main shower door. The soaking tub and independent shower are separated by double sinks. We really like the double vanity unit built into the side wall, which provides seating for both spouses.

The spaciousness of the bathroom is enhanced by the open area in the center.

Taking Care of All the Corner of Full Bathroom


A walk in shower adds a touch of elegance to this master bathroom with a ceramic tile design. A standalone tub built at an angle might alternatively be used in its stead. A separate shower, WC, and one sink unit are all possible thanks to the design.

There’s also a full-height linen closet to keep towels and other bathroom essentials organized.


This design demonstrates that you don’t need a lot of room to accommodate all of these chrome fixtures. The room is 8 feet by 12 feet in size.

However, there is no barrier between the commode and the rest of the room in this situation. If someone is in the bath or shower, you won’t be able to use it.

Screening in an Unobtrusive Manner

Your plumbing might sometimes make the master bathroom design you want more difficult. Changing the position of pipes is a costly endeavor. However, there are alternative options.

The WC should be placed opposite the entrance in this bathroom since it is the most convenient location in terms of plumbing. Creating an enclosed cubicle solves the problem of someone getting an eyeful if they barge in. No one else will be able to view the user on the throne until they close the door.


Inventive Yet Practical – Creative Bathroom Layout


This design produces an uncommon and attractive bathroom by dividing the area with fascinating angles.

A standalone tub is positioned diagonally across from a stylish corner shower. The WC is hidden away in its own cubicle with only a glass panels, along with a large linen closet. However, you’ll have to go through the tub to get there. Anyone sharing the place will have to get along with one another!

A big vanity with two sinks, marble countertops, and a door to a walk-in closet completes the concept. This is a lovely and unique arrangement if you have the space for it.

Observation Bathing – Top Master Bathroom Floor Plans With Walk in Shower


A freestanding white ceramic tub serves as the room’s center point in this design. You might even place it on a plinth to give it a more regal appearance.

The single or double sink and large vanity units may be seen on the side shower walls in this master bathroom floor plan. The fact that they are placed opposite one another eliminates the possibility of two persons battling for space! The WC is hidden away in a private corner, directly across from the shower. A pocket door is a privacy solution that saves space.

The Shower Is Everything – Unique Master Bathroom Floor Plan


Bathing in the tub with walk in shower isn’t for everyone. The owners of this bathroom could have gone with a tub with a shower above it. Or even crammed into a tight space cubicle with a slipper tub. Instead, they’ve opted for a lavish, large shower that measures 4 feet by 8 feet.

This provides them with ample counter space to construct a stunning showpiece. Natural light is required in a walk in shower of this magnitude.

Closet in a corner


A spacious walk in closet takes up nearly a quarter of the 14 by 14 foot footprint in this walk in shower design. However, the space-saving design still allows for a separate WC, bathtub, shower, and vanity with twin sinks.

The shower cubicle has sliding doors, so there’s nothing in the way of the WC entry. The WC door is also hinged to open inwards.

Shower Separate


This master bathroom design takes a unique approach to the issue of privacy. The WC and shower are combined in this walk in shower, which is separated from the rest of the primary bath by a tiny cubicle. Anyone who wants to use the sinks can do so while someone else is using the restroom.

To go to the WC, you’ll have to stroll through the bath once again. As a result, it won’t solve the issue of barging in when someone is bathing.

On the bright side, people who love a long soak will appreciate the spaciousness of the shower room. And while they’re in the tub, they won’t be gazing at the toilet!

Primary Bath with a Diagonal Design


If one wall isn’t long enough to accommodate your desired fixtures, try putting them at an angle. The freestanding bath is positioned on the diagonal in this bathroom, allowing a walk in shower to be installed next to it.

The main drawback is that the enormous vanity unit makes the room seem claustrophobic. If you need a lot of storage, open shelves are a great option. These would bring in more light and provide the impression of more floor space.

Hidden Areas

Because there is no door or wall space in this master bathroom, the arrangement is crucial for seclusion.

A bit at a time, the place exposes itself. The double vanity with a wall behind it is the first thing you notice. When you enter, you’ll see the WC is tucked away in a corner, hidden from view in this bathroom floor plan. It is separated from the bathtub by a shower wall. In addition, the shower cubicle is concealed beneath the vanity.

Despite its little size, it is well-formed in your walk in showers


This bathroom design demonstrates how everything the main bathroom needs may be crammed into a small area. It’s only 9 feet by 7 feet, yet it’s packed with amenities including a walk in shower, separate bathtub, WC, and twin sinks. Furthermore, the straightforward design guarantees that nothing is jammed in.

The primary bath is just across from the vanity. A large mirror hung over the sinks would provide the impression of extra space. The shower is directly across from the opposite wall, which is positioned as far away from the entryway as feasible.

The Bathroom on the Other Side of the Shower Walls


This one normally takes up more space in terms of size, but it has a much more liberal layout in this walk in shower. It will cost more since there is more plumbing work and total square footage, but it will provide you with more options for how you use the space.

There are sizes ranging from tiny to giant. You may also go “opposite wall” here, using the same 5′ x 8′ footprint as the standard three-in-a-row, but I believe you’ll wind up with greater plumbing expenditures and a bathroom that’s not that much nicer. When you have a bit more space, I think this works best.

A Longer Space Must Be Balanced


The design of this bathroom makes the most of the long, narrow space. The walk in showers is at opposing sides of the space, which creates a sense of equilibrium. And, by narrowing the gap between perceived width and length, the room no longer appears cramped.

When you walk into the room, the double vanity is an appealing focal point. Above the basins, a statement mirror would provide immediate impact.

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