Whatever your home style is, it is much essential to organize stuff in all corners of your house. Especially in the kitchen, this space requires the right storage place to store kitchen elements, cleaning items, etc. to save your time serving your beloved family. It’s time to think about the Lazy Susan!

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A Lazy Susan is a perfect choice for you whether you want to redo your entire home or just kitchen corners. Lazy Susan is the invention of Western people in the early centuries but is more common in Chinese these days. So, this article will lead you to all the details of the Lazy Susan concept.

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What is Lazy Susan?

A lazy Susan is defined as a circular turntable (or a rotating tray) added on the top center of the tables to move food forward to all diners in the dinner. Lazy Susan is usually made from woods, glass, plastic, and other material mixtures. There are three common sizes of store-bought lazy susan: 16 inches, 18 inches, and 20 inches.

20 inches of lazy susan

Lazy Susan is anchored by posts in a fixed position, which helps it rotate around the ball bearings. This shelf rotate allows you to reach any position even from deep inside of cabinet corners.

The Origin of Lazy Susans

Actually, there is a definitive source of where the term lazy Susan originates. These are still myths and some stories have caused conflicts during the centuries

Some people say that Thomas Jefferson had developed this invention known as “dumbwaiter” for his daughter Susan – who complained about the waitresses serving her last at the table. Therefore, she always left dinner with her starving stomach. That’s the reason why Jefferson invented this device in the 18th century and took its promotion from the U.S. to France.

The Origin of Lazy Susans

Others say that it was Thomas Edison who developed this concept! They found that Edison invented that turntable for his phonograph and then named it “Lazy Susan”. Thomas Edison also had a daughter whose name was Susan, too!

In 1891, Elizabeth Howell has been issued a patent from America for “new and useful Improvements in Self-Waiting Tables”. Howell has improved this device more smoothly and prevented bread crumbs from falling between the device and countertop.

improvents for device

Regardless of its origin, this device was advertised in 1917 with the name “Ovington’s $8.50 mahogany ‘Revolving Server'”. However, this term predates advertisement and country, for probably.

Where Can I Put Lazy Susan in?

Kitchen Shelves

If you want to maximize the space and convenience of your storage rooms. To minimize spills and increase space in your refrigerator, a lazy Susan can be used. Much more lifesaving and easy to find things, isn’t it?

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The Spinner

You have a huge passion for cooking. However, keeping track of all of your menu of spice bottles becomes a hindrance to you guys, especially housewives. Lazy Susan will give you a hand. With a simple spin design, everything on the trays or shelves is within reach. This shelf’s purpose will allow you to access all of your menu of spices while keeping the kitchen tidy and spills to a minimum.

On the dining table

If your family enjoys gathering around the table or if you have a large family., you can’t go wrong with a Lazy Susan on the dinner table.

Having a lazy susan in your dining room, especially on your dining table makes mealtime much more convenient. Without requiring a spill-prone pass, many foods and drinks, favorite condiments, and extra napkins become available from every aspect. Honestly, I must say that a turntable’s true calling is as a storage solution for anything that could use a spin. It’s a great way for sharing a meal with friends, family, and co-workers at the dining table.

In the Bedroom and Bathroom

Lazy Susan for your bedroom or even your bathroom is a great way to access your cosmetic easily and less time-consuming.

Everything can be classified. You won’t have as much trouble finding what you need this way. This design is also a fantastic way to add some organization to your home. No more messy drawers! Trust me!

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Under the Sink

Lazy Susan will keep your cleaning materials organized under the sink cabinet. You won’t have to kneel and remove everything out of the sink just to get to one waste bag. Put everything you’ll need on the lazy Susan turntable, and it’ll spin right to you when you’re ready. It’s also simple and convenient!

It’s easy and convenient, too!

Professionals on Install Lazy Susans

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