1.What is Kohler walk-in bath

Kohler's walk in bath

Most injuries in bathrooms occur while the people is bathing or going in or out of the shower or bathtub, says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Consumers looking to age in place or with restricted mobility can take advantage of Kohler’s walk-in tub, which provides safe and convenient bathing.

The Kohler Co. was founded in 1873 and has since grown into a global manufacturing company. Kohler manufactures a wide array of items, including motors and house interiors, but is best recognized for its extensive line of kitchen and bath fixtures.

No.1 tub manufacturers - Kohler Co.

2. Kohler walk-in baths advantages

a. Hydrotherapy whirlpool jets System

Adjustable hydrotherapy jets

Take advantage of the strength of 44 precisely placed air and water jets to have a hydrotherapy treatment unlike any other. They have more jets than other walk-in tubs on the market, and they are designed to offer massage hydrotherapy to all regions of the body with the push of a button, making them more effective.

You have the ability to choose which jets are used to relieve stiff joints and tight muscles, as well as to allow stress to melt away. The system can aid in the improvement of circulation while also alleviating lower back pain and decreasing the recurrence of symptoms associated with arthritis and sciatica. Every time you take a bath, you will be able to relax and feel renewed!

b. Therapeutic benefits

Our Walk-In Tubs are designed to be Arthritis-Friendly and Simple to Operate and Maintain. Individuals who suffer from arthritis and other physical restrictions have found that our products make life a little simpler with our products. Ease of Use products have been independently examined by specialists and assessed by people who have arthritis. They are simple to use and may be used by anyone. It give an relaxing bathing experience to your sore muscles, such a spa like experience.

kohler walk in bath soothe sore muscles

c. Easy to clean

The faucet cleaning fluid is enough for cleaning your walk-in bathtubs. Fill the tub to the height of the seat. Rubber gloves and safety goggles are essential for protecting yourself from splashes.

Add two tablespoons of dishwashing detergent granules and half a cup of bleach to the water. After you’ve filled the tub to the top of the jets, relax for a few minutes.

d. Kohler tub warranty

Information on the Guarantee The Kohler one-year limited warranty applies to all Kohler Plumbing Products unless otherwise indicated.

3. The disadvantages of kohler walk-in tub

a. Inconvenient for health supporter

Nurses or helpers may find it challenging to assist someone using a walk-in tub because of the design.

b. Delay aid

In the event of a medical emergency, a bather must wait until the water has completely drained before exiting the tub in order to phone 911.

c. Leaking

Although the doors have been water-sealed, a seal failure could lead to leaks or flooding. It’s also possible that, if the tub door isn’t correctly fastened, it will open and allow water to stream out.

4. Kohler walk-in baths and traditional bathtubs

a. Water usage

Most Walk-in tubs have a greater capacity for holding water than ordinary bathtubs. The exact amount of water that can be held depends on the size of the bather and how much water is displaced by the bather.

Fortunately, most new house water heater tanks have the capacity to readily fill a walk-in tub. A new 50+ gallon water tank is recommended by most manufacturers in order to maintain the desired bath water temperature in your bathtub.

b. Kohler Walk-In tub cost

Walk in tub prices is higher

The price of a walk-in tub can be significantly more than the cost of a traditional bathtub. The good news is that A walk-in tub offers a plethora of advantages over a standard bathtub, making it well worth the additional cost of installation.

Investing in a walk-in tub is a wise decision if you want a bathtub that is easy to get into and has many features such as whirlpool jets, a heated backrest, a hand shower, and so much more.

Bathing in a Kohler Walk-In Bath is an elevated experience that is unlike any other bathing experience you’ve ever experienced. With a Kohler Walk-In Bath, you may enjoy peace of mind, elegance, and comfort.

5.Walk-in bathroom layout

a. Ultra-low step in

A walk-in step is defined as Bathing is simple and accessible. It has a 3-inch safe step-in height. Handrails are built into the door and the sides. Surfaces that are slip-resistant for maximum safety features.

b. Hand shower

_Hand sprayer

With a simple twist of a thumb tab, the bathtub hand sprayer may offer wide coverage, heavy drenching, or tailored sprays. With its natural look and resistance to hard water buildup, the spray face goes well with a wide range of bathroom designs. The handheld shower sprayer has an ADA-compliant non-positive shut-off and an on/off switch for further security.


Because of the ergonomic shape and weight distribution of the long-handled showerhead, it’s easy to hold onto.

_Hand-held Shower Head Hose

Because of its flexibility and lightweight, the shower hose attachment may be easily manipulated with one hand. The swivel base makes it easy to access those hard-to-reach places.

c. Heated backrest

Energy consumption is comparable to a typical light bulb. As soon as you sit down on the backrest, the heated surface of the water will warm you up. The temperature of the water can be adjusted to match the temperature of the bathwater.

In order to be warm and comfortable while waiting for the bath to fill and drain, you can use the heated backrest. You have complete control over your bathing experience with to the three heat settings that can be selected with the push of a button.

d. Fast drain technology

With our fast-acting, proprietary home plumbing system, you can drain your walk in tubs in under two minutes, which is far faster than competing walk-in tubs. With the goals of comfort, safety, and independence in mind, you will never be forced to stand outside in the cold while your tub drains!

c. Easy handrail

Kohler walk-in tubs always come with a built-in grab bars. The outer side of the Walk-In Bath has a built-with handrail to assist in getting in and out of the tub. When you’re in the tub, you’ll always have a firm grasp on the handle because of this. Additional safety and stability are provided by installing a second grab bar in the bath.

6.How much does kohler walk in tubs cost

a. Individual part

Soaker: $1,999 to $5,928

Aerotherapy: $2,923 to $7,979

Hydrotherapy: $2,798 to $8,400

Bariatric tubs: $4,242 to $5,574

Wheelchair accessible: Price range depends on chosen therapeutic and design features

Two-seater: $5,000 to $20,000

 Shower/Bath Combination: $3,047 – $4,626

b. Installation cost

Installing a walk-in tub might cost anywhere from $2,500 to $8,000 depending on the job’s intricacy. To accommodate a larger-than-standard tub, you’ll have to spend extra time and money rearranging piping, installing an electrical motor, or remodeling your bathroom.

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