Yes! It is taking place! This year, you’re planning to refurbish your bathroom. Your budget, on the other hand, isn’t quite ready for prime time. Don’t be concerned!

A bathroom fit for a luxury house is not something that everyone can afford. At practically every stage of the full renovation process, there are ways to save money. Put one or a few tricks to work and watch your profit margins erode.

In this article, we’ll go through ten practical suggestions to save money on a bathroom or a bathroom makeover.

Let’s get started!

10 Ways To Save Money On A Bathroom Renovation – Best Remodeling Tips

Before you continue reading, keep in mind that not every item of advice will apply to you for various reasons, and they will all necessitate more effort and time on your side.

However, if you are willing to roll up your sleeves and implement even a few of the suggestions on this list, you will undoubtedly save money on your bathroom renovation.

It’s vital to remember that saving money doesn’t necessarily imply settling for low-cost options you’ll later regret. This piece of advice is to make sure that every bit of your money is used to acquire the greatest bathroom possible, regardless of your cost.

1. Keep plumbing fixtures in place

The plumbing may be a smart idea to change your bathroom’s design at first, but unless you’re ready to spend roughly $5,000 each time you relocate plumbing fixtures, you should probably leave them alone. Check out this low-cost bathroom remodel.

2. DIY project for small space

Do you like to paint? You might wish to make your own tile options. Compared to paying the specialists, every hour you spend getting dirty might save you up to £100.

The following are some tasks that the ordinary DIY many homeowners can take on:

Remove the old bathroom, throw everything in the skip, and clean the whole room.

Paint the remaining sink, tub, cabinetry, floor, vanity, and walls.

Door and drawer handles should be installed.

Install shower enclosures

Replace the taps

If you have a complete toolset and enjoy getting your hands filthy on weekends, conduct some research and add these chores to your list:

The walls are tiled.

Replace the carpeting with tile or vinyl flooring.

Set up the toilet

Countertop replacement

Install a walk in shower or tub.

You can do almost the full work with enough determination. Remember that new electrical and plumbing installations must be handled by a licensed expert, as required by your local council inspector.

3. Maintain the same layout – Wonderful bathroom renovation

Behind the completed wall, all plumbing and electrical wiring are hidden. You’ll need to make new holes in the floor, run new pipes, and cover the existing holes as soon as you wish to move the WC to the other corner. If your house was constructed after 1960, all of your fixtures are probably set up for maximum efficiency.

Reorganizing all of the sanitaryware, especially if it does not improve the bathroom’s functionality, may be an expensive exercise. In this case, you save money by sticking with what works.

You may not need to move the drain pipe coming out of the floor or wall if your new basin and vanity are moving an inch or two. The plumber can re-configure the pipes under the counter to save money while still saving costs. However, this strategy may not be appropriate for the toilet and tubs.

On the other hand, if you’re determined to put modern fixtures in an old farmhouse, striving to keep the plumbing in its original location may wind up costing you more in retrofits as you try to save money. In the long term, it might be better to start over.

4. Make a Mirror Frame – Beautiful bathroom renovation

Why not dress up the mirror over your sink, which is undoubtedly the center point of your bathroom? A-frame around your mirror will not only give it a fancy aesthetic, but it will also disguise any age-related deterioration around the edges. Here’s how to update your bathroom without tearing everything apart.

5. Think over your tile options

Most people envision a little tile-covered chamber when they think of a bathroom. It is not necessary to tile all of the walls and the ceiling.

Consider a backsplash behind the sink and around the tub. Premium bathroom paint that has been placed on water-resistant wallboard may be cleaned and is far less expensive to install.

So you like the complex mosaic tiles but don’t feel obligated to use them everywhere. Place a narrow line of the pricey tiles beneath the sink and near the bath. The rest of the tile might have a generic appearance. Building supply stores sell basic tiles for a low price.

Vinyl flooring is very resistant to water damage, is simple to install, and may be a very cost-effective option. Stone, mosaic, wood, or your favorite color may all be purchased as vinyl.

6. Liquidate what is not needed in the old bathroom

While you’re saving money on your bathroom renovation, someone else is attempting to save money on their own. Consider selling it online if the overhead light and exhaust fan still function!

When in good operating order, the following furniture can be resold:

Sink and bath faucet

The tub or shower head that stands alone


Countertops that have seen better days

Medicine cabinets and mirrors

The extra cost from your used products might help you stretch your budget to afford that expensive tile or extra-large tub.

7. Replace the Tile

While tile provides a clean and elegant appearance, installing it from floor to ceiling may be costly. For example, peclaimed wood panels offer a more warm and rustic appeal that complements white fixtures and other minimalist components.

8. Look for accessories at flea facebook marketplace and yard sales

I never advocate buying secondhand plumbing devices like toilets and shower controls. Mirror, clawfoot bathtub, sink, toilet paper holder, and other objects may be found at flea markets, antique shops, yard sales, and second-hand stores for fantastic costs and wonderful treasures.

You can even locate some very unusual light fixtures that are ideal for your bathroom. A word of caution, though… Check with your electrician first to be sure they fulfill the electrical code requirements for bathroom installation.

Also, learn to think beyond the big box stores. One of our clients got an antique dresser from her great-grandmother. She requested that we turn it into a vanity.

This was a pretty easy technique, and when paired with a lovely antique sink she purchased at a local antique shop, they provided her with a lovely memento of her great-grandmother while also allowing her to make use of a lovely piece of furniture for very little money.

9. Bathroom Fixtures Can Be Reused and Revamped

Are you considering remodeling your bathroom because you have a damaged counter, missing grout, and outdated basin taps? If all of the sanitaryware is in good working order and is not damaged, consider what you can do to simply dress up the room without having to remodel it completely.

Paint your vanity’s aged wood base in a cool grey or off-white and replace the knobs.

Simply replace the countertop with a plain white quartz slab.

Regrout the tub surround tile to remove the black lines.

Replacing the cracked tiles with a new floor.

Replacing the lighting fixtures with anything from the twenty-first century.

Replacing the faucet and bath taps with more contemporary forms and finishes.

You may recolor old porcelain and steel tubs to match your decor.

Resurface tiled walls to give the bathroom a fresh look.

Replace the area rugs, towels, and curtains with new ones.

 To clear countertops, add an enclosed storage cupboard.

You will save a lot of money on labor and materials if you avoid changing a complete fixture or tearing down walls.

10. Make aesthetic changes

Consider a cosmetic makeover if your budget does not allow for a complete remodel. With a few thousand dollars and a few easy activities, you can radically transform the design of your bathroom.

For example, a fresh coat of paint on the walls and ceiling, a new countertop on your vanity, a new faucet at the sink, an updated light fixture, and a vinyl plank on the floor may transform your bathroom completely.

Choose a bright new shower curtain and the entire room will be transformed. If the budget does not permit, a renovation does not have to be a complete gut and redo.


Should You Try To Save As Much Money As Possible On A Bathroom?

Yes and no are the answers. Saving money is fantastic – who doesn’t desire that? However, implementing all of these suggestions on a single project would be challenging, if not impossible, depending on your situation.

Some of these suggestions are simpler than others, and they all have different outcomes if you try them, which you should consider.

What is the value of your peace of mind, time, and stress?

Yes, doing a lot of things yourself can save you money, but it will eat up your time and perhaps cause stress.

If you pay a professional to handle this task for you, you are not only freeing up your time, but you are also liberating yourself from the burden of responsibility if something goes wrong.

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