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Nowadays, bathrooms are no longer served their original purposes but are also more than a place for you to unwind and simply relax there after working around the clock. For this reason, an increasing number of homeowners choose heated bathroom floors in order to enhance the comfort experience in their bathrooms.

relaxing bathroom space

On some cold, gloomy mornings, even though you know you should get out of bed and start your day, you’re finding it extremely difficult to do so because all that’s waiting for you is a dark, cold bathroom. However, the beginning of your day might be a little bit easier if your bathroom has installed floor heating systems. Radiant heat systems can assist you to relax in the morning rather than putting additional chilly shocks on your feet.

Although heated bathroom floor is the height of luxury, they don’t have to be extremely expensive. Today, TTH Builder will share essential information about this type of floor heating as well as recommend some types of bathroom floor used for radiant heating on your budget!

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Why You Should Install Heated Bathroom Floor for Your Bathroom?

A technique for heating floors by installing hot water or electric wires beneath the flooring is known as radiant floor heating. The heat then rises and uniformly warms the space from the bottom up. Since there are no large radiators or vents that can occupy valuable space, radiant floor heating is an effective way to heat a room.

The conventional underfloor heating system requires some time to warm up, which heats the space. In contrast, radiant heat used in under-floor heating warms the floor and maintains it there for a longer period of time.

Because heated floors emit radiant heat that is absorbed by items like your furniture, cabinets, etc.. that are standing on the floor, they are frequently more effective at warming a space than traditional heaters. The air in the entire area warms up as a result of these objects absorbing and holding onto the heat.

radiant heated bathroom floor heating

Is Radiant Floor Heating Worth Investing?

Are heated bathroom floors worthiest? is an inevitable question when considering installing radiant floor heat. Radiant heating is unquestionably something to take into consideration if you’re redesigning your bathroom or even just changing your floors. Yes, you will ultimately spend more on your floors, but the potential savings, increased comfort, and increased resale value will make it worthwhile.

The bathroom is the ideal spot to make a little flooring investment because it doesn’t have a lot of square footage. Additionally, installing radiant floor heating concurrently with your redesign will save you money on labor costs if your floors will already be removed for the work.

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Pros and Cons of Radiant Heat Systems


1. Equal Heating

The capacity of floor heating systems to evenly heat a space and floor is its main advantage. Vents are used by forced-air heating systems to disperse warm air throughout a space. Which sections of the room are warmer than others depends on where the vents are located. Contrarily, underfloor radiant heating heats the entire floor, resulting in a room that is uniformly heated and a comfortable environment all around a person’s body

comfort warm bathroom with floor heating

2. Silent Operation

Consider endeavoring to focus on your work while a furnace is running in the background. Concentration would be quite challenging, right? Radiant floor heating does not have this problem because it is so quiet. In contrast to forced-air systems, there is no furnace that starts up loudly. As a result, when they are on, you won’t hear anything.

3. Long Life Span

Systematic maintenance is not necessary for radiant floor heating. Once installed, they will function flawlessly for 20+ years. In fact, when there are some unprecedented problems that arise, a thermal imaging camera can be used to rapidly and easily locate and fix any cable damage that occurs during installation.

long life span

4. Space-Saving

With heated bathroom floors, deploying big, heavy units on a wall is unnecessary. They don’t impair your design appeal and are hidden from sight.

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1. New Flooring is Required

You will need to replace your current flooring if you plan to install radiant heated floors in your house. This is due to the necessity of installing radiant heated floors beneath the new flooring. Tile is the material of choice for radiant heated floors because of how well it transfers heat. However, there are a number of additional options you can pick from, such as laminate, floating hardwood, nailing hardwood, vinyl (including LVT), etc.

new flooring is required

2. Cost

Radiant heated floors might be more expensive to install initially than other heating systems. A heated bathroom floor costs anywhere between $10 and $20 per square foot, depending on your chosen model. You can find out how much a system will cost for your project using the recommendation from your builder.

However, you must remember that radiant heated floors are extremely energy-efficient and last considerably longer than some other heating systems. Installing radiant heated flooring will actually result in financial savings over time.

high cost for heating floor

How does Floor Heating System Work?

The installation of a radiant heat source beneath your flooring is needed to provide heated floors in bathrooms. An electric or hydronic heating component could be used to generate heat.

Electric heating produces heat using electric lines. Thin mats that are placed underneath various types of floors have them embedded in them. It makes no difference if your flooring is made of stone, engineered wood, or even tile.

floor heating system

Your room’s temperature might rise by up to 5 degrees with the help of a heated tile floor. It operates similarly to a traditional underfloor heating system, but instead of heating the pipes and radiators with hot water, it does so with electricity.

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Does It Cost Lots of Energy When Using Heated Bathroom Floors?

All conventional house forced-air (convection) heating techniques are more inefficient than heated flooring. In fact, switching to a radiant system has been shown to reduce energy bills by 25% for many houses.

You experience the heat more quickly than you would with the forced-air approach, which regulates the air in one direction and gradually warms the room.

Radiant floor systems use less energy since they operate at a lower temperature and take longer to heat a whole room.

Types of Heated Bathroom Floors

Nowadays, there are two main types of heated bathroom floors: Hydronic and electric.

1. Hydronic Floor Heat

In order to provide heat to the room above, hydronic floor heat uses a boiler to pump warm water through plastic tubing underneath the floors. This could be a pricey choice for houses without boilers since they can cost up to $4,000 per. However, installing it into homes that already have a boiler in operation is fairly simple and affordable.

hydronic floor heat

Because it can be installed most easily prior to the installation of the drywall and floors, hydronic heating is perfect for new construction homes. In light of this, it’s not the best option for remodeling projects since installation may involve considerable building. Additionally, it’s challenging to fix because it’s challenging to find the breach when a leak occurs.

2. Electric Floor Heat

A heating cable installed in a sinuous pattern that transmits heat to the space above makes up electric floor heat. The system is thermostat or timer controlled, and because of its rapid heat-up time, it may operate on a plan to maximize energy economy and provide additional heat just when it is required.

Electric floor heating, as opposed to hydronic heating, is perfect for renovation projects since all that needs to be accessible is the subfloor. It’s the ideal time to install electric radiant heat while a room’s flooring is being replaced because the new flooring may be laid directly on top. Furthermore, it makes no difference if you already have a primary heating system set up (such as forced air).

electric floor heat

Furthermore, if a problem were to arise, electric heated floors have the unusual capacity to reveal the location of a cable break. To find and address the issue, a specialist can use a thermographic camera to scan the floor. In this approach, the problem can be fixed by removing just a little part of the floor.

Hiring a Professional Contractor – Bathroom Remodel Federal Way WA

The installation of a heated bathroom floor may require complicated and time-consuming techniques so finding a professional contractor to implement this project is a good idea. However, when you choose to install heated bathroom floors, you should carefully research and select proper builders in order not to cost more money for later preparation. To get the most out of your installation of bathroom underfloor heating systems, make sure you are aware of your choices and the greatest match for your project, you can also consult recommendations from your builders.

On the Internet, there are a ton of remodeling companies to select from, or you can look up some companies in your neighborhood. When you check the reviews of the firm you want to work with and see a lot of them are positive, that’s a good sign that they’ll perform a great job with an attractive design that matches your interests.

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