Want to make your basement more habitable without having to spend a lot of money? A partially finished basement (also known as a “half-finished basement”) might be the ideal answer for you.

Here are 13 basement remodeling ideas to help you turn your dingy, spider-infested basement into a welcoming location where your family will really want to spend time. Best of all, these unfinished basement ideas won’t break the budget.

Where do you start when it comes to completing a basement remodel?

Place the TV viewing location in a darker area to prevent glare and create a home-theater ambiance.

For egress, bedrooms must have basement windows, thus they must be on the perimeter.

Place the major gathering space in a position that receives the greatest natural light to draw people in.

Keep food and drinks at a wet bar so you don’t have to pass in front of the TV to get to them.


Lighting Up – Sunshine Basement Ideas

The unfinished basement includes only a few electrical outlets and a pair of ceiling mounted bare bulb lamps built in counter. By hanging some string lights, you may add extra light to the room and create a fun atmosphere. With just one outlet and multiple strings of lights, you can light up a wide space.


Add a floating floor to complete the look – Best Basement Ideas

A floating floor is a type of engineered flooring that clicks together rather than being fastened to the subfloor or the walls. As the name suggests, it “floats” on top of the subfloor, so it’s less likely to warp or open up as the underlying surface expands and contracts.


Options you might consider include laminates that look like wood, cork, wood grain, Marmoleum, and even floating carpet tiles with a waterproof base. Floating flooring functions as insulators, alleviating the problem of a cold basement floor to some extent.

Build Storage System – Basement Ideas for Savings

You have a lot of potential storage space underfoot if you have an extra story below grade. Install shelves to store off-season apparel, athletic equipment, tools, and other items in your unfinished basement.


A Wet Bar in Your Guest Bedroom

Adding a bar to your basement is a terrific way to modernize it. To keep the area open, place some cabinets against the wall with a built in counter, or make your basement bar the major social gathering zone with wrap-around countertops and sleek bar stools.


With a mini fridge, a countertop beer tap, and plenty of munchies, you’ll get huge style points! A home bar is a terrific addition to any basement, whether you’re looking to entertain guests or create the ideal man cave.

Hanging drapes around new unfinished space

Use drapes to split your basement into various rooms or zones if you don’t want to spend the money on actual partition walls. They’re a cheap and appealing method to separate rooms in your basement, and their soft texture may soften up a chilly, sterile environment. Similar zoning effects may be achieved using folding wooden room dividers and screens or even sliding barn doors.


Invest in a new area rug to dress up your flooring – New Basement Ideas

Placing a rug in the center of the room is one of the simplest ways to freshen things up on your basement floor.

dress up your flooring

This simple addition may appear to have little influence, but by providing color and a soft texture underfoot, the correct rug may completely transform how you feel and view the space. It will quickly make your cold basement floor seem warmer and more welcoming.

Living Rooms are a great place to start – Great Basement Ideas

When you have separate rooms, why settle for one? A basement remodel is an excellent way to provide your house with two separate areas to unwind.


A subterranean living room is ideal for gathering with family, watching movies, or simply relaxing. Adding a pleasant basement living space to your basement space is both lovely and practical.

To allow the sun in, install a glass external door

Sunlight brightens a space like no other light source, and it makes anybody who is exposed to it feel wonderful.


If expanding the size of your basement windows is unrealistic or impossible, upgrading to a full-light external door (one with a wide piece of glass in the middle) is an excellent option to enhance total glazing.

Your ceiling should be painted – Creative Basement Ideas

Painting your basement’s ceiling is a low-cost approach to drastically transforming its appearance. People are frequently concerned with the colors of their walls, but they frequently neglect the significance of their ceiling.


What color should you choose to paint the ceiling of your basement?

Almost every basement ceiling may benefit from a coat of white paint. It illuminates the room (almost usually a bonus, but especially in a basement) and doesn’t draw attention to itself. With a white ceiling, you can’t go wrong!


Insulation Walls – Warmth Basement Walls

Over the foundation walls, a vapor barrier and rigid foam insulation are installed, followed by a stud frame and drywall.

Use epoxy to change your basement remodel’s concrete floor. One of the most dramatic (and cost-effective) renovations you can make to your basement is painting the concrete floor.


Use epoxy to transform your concrete floor basement remodel

You may not know, that using epoxy to renovate and remodel your concrete floor basement is a very smart way at an extremely unexpected price. Over standard concrete paints, I propose a two-part epoxy finish.

While there are many other colors and designs to choose from, including as solid colors, flecked overlays, and simulated stone finishes, I recommend keeping it basic.


A simple white finish can lighten up your basement, while a dark hue will add drama. If you choose dark color, make sure the walls and ceilings are light-colored to balance it off.

Convert a Basement Into a Bedroom

Do you have a teen who is fed up with sharing a room with a younger sibling? Is it customary for extended relatives to visit? A basement bedroom will provide someone with the space, privacy, and comfort they want for a restful night’s sleep.


If you need an extra sleeping place but don’t have the room, an alcove with a built-in bed and shelving is ideal for basements with limited space. Just make sure you leave enough area in your design ideas for bathroom remodeling!

System of Interlocking Panels

Notched insulation panels are glued, clipped, or screwed together, then glued, clipped, or screwed to the basement walls. The drywall is then glued to integrated strips to form a thinner wall.

On the backside of panels, wiring chases and drainage channels save time and labor. Are you considering a basement renovation? It takes a lot of effort to make your basement feel like an extension of your main living area.


Are you thinking of a basement remodel?

Making your basement feel like an extension of your main living area requires a lot of effort. These partially completed basement ideas might help you get started, but a full basement redesign, tailored to your family’s specific needs, can completely change your house.

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