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Bathroom Remodeling Near Me – The home renovation sector in general and bathroom remodeling, in particular, is vital in ensuring that you have easy access to the most cutting-edge services in technology, which promotes a healthy way of life.

The question of which are the best contractors in the bathroom remodeling field still remains a dilemma for many homeowners when it comes to the need of doing bathroom remodeling projects such as installing tile, heating floors, installing bathtubs, or bathroom redesign. Bathroom remodels can be fascinating if you select the right contractor, who can offer full renovation services supplied at affordable costs and professional services so that you can be assured about the finished layout as well as its longevity.

bathroom remodeling near me

Despite the fact that you could remodel your bathrooms to have a better floor plan or additional conveniences, you’re probably concerned about the cost. Today, we will help you address this concern by providing five of the best bathroom remodeling companies in Federal Way WA, along with the ideal project manager who will bring several home renovation projects specifically for you.

Keep reading, guys, and you’ll discover who makes the best companion in bathroom remodeling projects!

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Bathroom Remodeling Near Me – Professional Contractors in Federal Way

1. TTH Builder – Home Improvement Federal Way

TTH Builder is the leading association for the construction industry with 20+ years of experience building beautiful spaces for fantastic people in Federal Way, Washington. We specialize in bathroom, kitchen, home improvement, flooring refinishing, and tile installation.

tth builder bathroom remodeler

We can take care of anything for less every day, from safety issues to improve the look of your room, new shower enclosures, and replacement plumbing.

We promise that you will like how your new designs look and feel, and we’re passionate about helping more locals cut costs on their home renovations. We also provide free estimates on all of our possible work to show you time and time again why we’re still the ideal choice for your job. This is how we make sure we continue to earn your trust.

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Knowing exactly how stressful remodeling may be, we provide you with the following service guarantees to show you that we always have our client’s requirements in mind:

Free initial cost estimate.

Customer contentment as well as security throughout renovations.

Home warranty for two years.

Discount for a set price – Best price promise.

High-quality renovation – Avoid disappointing results.

Bathroom Remodeling

TTH Builder is dedicated to giving you a spectacular bathroom where you feel like you are living in a tiny oasis of your own and take all your concerns away. We have a team of construction experts who work closely with architects, engineers, and interior designers to create unique places. Please get in touch with us if your bathroom is outdated or even if you just want to freshen things up. You and we collaborate to decide:

Outstanding fixtures

Amazing surface materials

Ideal arrangement

tth builder bathroom remodeling

Generate a Modern Bathroom Remodel Federal Way WA

Being the heart of your home, bathrooms will have a big impact on how the other parts of the family run. When an engine runs poorly, other components will also have critical issues. If your current space does not satisfy your functional or aesthetic requirements, now is the greatest time to investigate upgrades because you use your bathroom on a daily basis.

tth builder project

TTH Builder can help you to access a spa service experience in a cutting-edge bathroom. In addition, modern fixtures make you comfortable and will undoubtedly please your loved ones and guests. Therefore, it is important to design the bathroom to be a welcoming space with all the necessary amenities, such as soaking tubs, showers, tiles, faucets, and cabinets,…

Bathroom Remodeling Cost

You might be concerned that the expense of this bathroom renovation will be prohibitive. Just relax; at TTH Builder, client pleasure comes first. We promise to provide you with a basic idea of the cost and to deal with it effectively before beginning any physical work, preventing any further unforeseen extra costs.

tth builder bathroom remodeling cost

The most expensive aspects of bathroom remodeling include replacing obsolete fixtures, upgrading the plumbing, and making the area more pleasant. The cost of building a master bathroom compared to a hall bathroom could differ significantly. When homeowners redesign a bathroom properly, they may expect to save around half of what they originally spent on the job. Additionally, TTH Builder is the best place to turn if you require a committed team to finish the project.

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Design for Bathroom Renovation

The main distinction between TTH Builder and other remodeling businesses is that they will create a comprehensive strategy for your complete bathroom remodel project. To make the bathroom remodeling process as easy as possible for you while still preserving the bathroom makeover on schedule and under budget, TTH’s experts will work closely with you at every stage, from planning work to physical ones. And the price you search for first will determine the final price you pay!

tth builder bathroom design renovation

You may not even know which design is perfect for yours because there are so many possibilities for cupboards, towels, mirrors, storage, bathtubs, and fixtures already on the market. But TTH Builder will provide a clear process for you to meet your requirements economically.

Professional Services and Satisfied Experience

At TTH Builder, designers and builders have the expertise you need to distinguish between your options that will increase the value of your new space and those that aren’t worth the extra cost. They can best advise all of your decisions to maximize your results, regardless of whether you have stringent specifications for a historic property or are working with a limited project budget.

profesional service at tth builder

TTH Builder promises a room that lasts longer and is still beautiful and functional even if your bathroom is small and you only have a few options. They are fully aware that you will use your upgrades on a daily basis, therefore the builder team needs to be certain that they will function.

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Feedback from TTH Builder Projects

” TTH Builder is a skilled construction business. They are technically proficient and produce excellent work. When it comes to keeping to your timetable, they are excellent. Basically, they are available to begin your project whenever you need them to. It’s effectively run.” – Julia S.

” Never before have contractors accommodated me so swiftly! came out right away to check on the work. I received a quote in a few days and got to work the following day. Additionally, I’ve always believed that my modest endeavor was not as significant as others. They were really professional and spent a few hours after working time to do the cleanup. Without a doubt, I’ll use them once more. I’m really amazed! ” – Connie M.

“Straight away, everything went pretty well for us. The organization took as much time as necessary to describe the task they planned to do, go over options and decision points, and respond to all of our questions when they came out to estimate the entire project. Before they departed the property, we received a quote.” – D. Jeremy

“The company did a fantastic job, providing excellent customer service, a task that was quite affordable, thorough explanations, and expert work. Without a doubt, I’ll suggest them.” -Donoven B.

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2. Northwest Builders & Renovation – Bathroom Remodeling Near Me

Homeowners in the Northwest can get help from Northwest Builders & Renovation, a renowned team of remodeling contractors who work hard to give only the best solutions to their valued customers.

northwest builders renovation

Northwest Builders & Renovation offers trustworthy, high-caliber service that exemplifies their organization’s dedication to excellence. Their objective is to establish a reputable custom home remodeler, kitchen remodeler, and bathroom remodeler for the residential market in and around the regions of Oregon.

One of the most reputable companies, Northwest Builders & Renovation, will offer you reliable remodeling services. Additionally, 3D renderings will be given to you, enabling you to see your finished product right away.

Improve Your Bathroom with Top-Notch Products

Your bathroom can be upgraded, entirely remodeled, or designed as a bath transformation or shower remodel by NW Builders & Renovation. A full or partial bathroom remodel can help you create more shared space, update your outdated fixtures and bathroom supplies, shower floor installation, and raise the market price of your house.

nw builder bathroom remodel project

The design staff at NW Builders & Renovation is available to assist you if you have a traditional bathroom and wish to add a few new features. Choose from a wide variety of hues, patterns, and textures for your tiles, tub, shower, new shower tile, or bathroom closet to match your fixtures. Your private space will be operational and better than ever thanks to our skilled and knowledgeable installation.

3. Maco Pro Remodeling

Maco Pro Remodeling provides services for building new homes or remodeling existing ones. They also take on work of all shapes and sizes, from small, precise initiatives to comprehensive, large-scale tasks.

maco pro remodeling

Their installers strive for perfection with each installation they perform. They improve the layouts for the greatest appearance and functionality. Maco’s team is accustomed to both modern technology and traditional methods, making them flexible to the demands of any circumstance. Instead of sending erratic subcontractors to your house, MACO Construction Inc. hires skilled Flooring and Remodeling gurus as full-time workers.

MACO of Seattle Bathroom Remodeling

At MACO Pro Remodeling, they take the task of designing your bathroom exactly how you want it, regardless of its size or state. Maco Pro Remodeling possesses the knowledge and expertise to construct the bathroom of your dreams. To increase their effectiveness and reduce potential errors, they employ cutting-edge instruments and technology.

For your peace of mind, Maco’s technicians are moreover completely licensed, qualified, and insured. They can assist you with everything from installing a new bathroom and having all the plumbing and electrical work done to refurbishing an old bathroom.

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maco pro project

Time is one of the most crucial parts and factors in bathroom renovation services, however, Maco Pro Remodeling never hurries through their projects since they don’t want to give their clients substandard work; as a result, they set project deadlines appropriately. Another plus point is that Maco always finishes their projects by cleaning up, so you may use the bathroom to its utmost potential.

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4. Volcano Builder – Federal Way Flooring Refinish

Volcano Builders is a full-service home construction, remodeling, and repair company dedicated to rekindling your passion for your house. You can unwind, relax, and feel “at home” each and every day with the help of distinctive designs and first-rate workmanship.

volcano builder

To work on your project, Volcano Builders employ a team of professional architects, engineers, and subcontractors. Before creating gorgeous designs that you would be proud to show off to your guests, they will quickly work with you to determine your likes, preferences, lifestyle needs, and your ideal home.

Volcano Builder operates with the mission and vision to design spaces that are fully inexpensive, incredibly attractive, and extremely useful while incorporating the personality and character of the users.

Bathroom Remodeling Services

Volcano Builders fully understands that redesigning a bathroom is one of the most expensive remodeling jobs and such a large investment requires your complete attention. Because of this, they will provide specialized designs, careful attention to detail, and client-focused services that come together to produce a bathroom you’ll be proud to call your own.

Updated current Trends

Volcano Builders incorporate all the bathroom remodel projects into their designs, including heated flooring, body spray showers, shower enclosures, and other attractive stones. With their design team, they can help you to update the latest trends and how to incorporate them into your bathroom design.

volcano builder modern trend

Excellent Design

Within the confines of the available area and your financial restraints, the Volcano Builder design team takes your idea into consideration. They will experiment with design aspects to give the bathroom a lighter, roomier, and more stylish vibe.

volcano builder excellent trend

Saving Time and Expense

Volcano Builders offers bathroom remodeling projects with a significant time-saving stage and reasonable bathroom remodeling cost. That’s why Volcano Builders is one of the most preferred companies in Federal Way and in the Washington area.

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5. FDC Construction Residential Remodeling

FDC Construction provides all kinds of remodeling options. They can create anything you want, whether it be contemporary, traditional, or vintage with the first priority being customer satisfaction. From the beginning to the finish of your project, they always keep their clients satisfied and updated.

fdc construction

FDC Construction is honored to employ experts with at least six years’ worth of expertise. Regardless of how straightforward or challenging your project appears to be, their staff is always committed to turning your demands and dreams into reality.

FDC Construction provides a range of services, and the finished products are opulent without the designer price tag.

Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom remodeling involves more than just changing out the room’s fixtures. In most cases, this entails changing the design scheme, moving existing equipment, or adding substantial new amenities such as a whirlpool, walk-in shower, windows other than replacements, or skylights.

fdc bathroom renovation

Bathroom Doors

Shower doors with frames are less prone to leaking. They have a water-catching track in them. They also include a metal frame and a coating of caulk to prevent spills in addition to this track. A framed glass door‘s watertight construction keeps shower spray inside the shower.

Flooring Refinish Federal Way

FDC Construction offers bathroom floor installation with the most common types of flooring such as wood, engineered wood, vinyl, tile, and carpet. Your duties will be finished by FDC’s staff promptly and to the highest standard.

fdc construction flooring


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